Quick Tips for a Lush Lawn

Fresh paint on a house looks great. A new driveway really shines. And a white picket fence tells the story of the American dream. But none of it is impressive when you have an ugly, brown lawn. Green grass says something about your house. It lets the neighbors know that you take pride in your possessions. And, perhaps most importantly, it just looks great.

The landscaping industry is a nearly $80 billion business. That’s no mistake. People want the first impression of their property to be a good one, and they’re will commit resources to make it happen. It’s such an important aspect of owning a home that some neighborhood associations have laws mandating care. With all that money flowing around, you know that somebody (or everybody) is charging big bucks to clip a few blades of grass.

Alright, so it’s slightly more complicated than that, but it’s still not rocket science. If you’re even remotely dedicated to making your yard look great, you can do it in half the time for half the cost of your neighbors. All you need are a few inside tips-and we happen to have them.

Only Spend Where Necessary

Nobody is arguing against the big guys. They do a great job, and some of them are even affordable. But don’t talk yourself into the sports package. There are certain things that lawn care companies do well and other services that you can bypass. The key is knowing which ones are worth it.

Usually, it’s as simple as figuring out what you’re willing or able to do on your own. Once you decide that, it’s okay to pay up for the rest of the work. After all, they are the experts for a reason.

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That bare spot is refusing to grow grass yet again. Actually, your entire lawn is looking a little down after another tough winter. That means it’s time to take the easy way out. Ever wonder what would happen if you just spread a bunch of seeds? It goes against all the fertilization, aeration, and tilling advice you’ve received over the past years, but it actually might be the best thing for your grass.

Overseeding your lawn is a great way to have the best yard on the block. With the winter and early spring precipitation, there will be no shortage of water for your seeds. So go ahead, spread it on thick-especially in those bare spots. You don’t even have to wait for the spring. Start as early as the fall or as late as the summer.

Height Matters

Set your mower to the correct height. It matters more than you think. Too short and you’ll scalp your yard. But if the grass is a little bit taller, it won’t be nearly as needy. It will also be sturdier and able to withstand harsher weather and play.

Keep Those Clippings

It may look better to clean up all those clippings after you are done mowing, but it’s not actually better for your yard. If you want your lawn to be as healthy as possible, it needs as many nutrients as possible. One of the best sources of nutrients is… grass. Yep, those clippings that you’re working hard to pick up actually help feed the rest of your yard. There are leftover fibers in those blades that will benefit your still growing turf! So leave the bag behind, because your clippings are staying right where they are.

Quality, Not Quantity Watering

Believe it or not, there is a difference between watering your lawn multiple times a day and for only one long stretch a day. The latter is actually better in this case. If you allow water to soak into the ground, your sod will be much more lush and green when it comes through.

That’s because leaving your sprinklers on for an extended amount of time ensures that the water is penetrating the top layer of grass and getting all the way to the roots. If you’re only sprinkling twice a day for five minutes, you won’t see as positive of results. So next time you’re debating how long to leave the sprinkler on for, maybe just wait that extra minute.

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