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Moving to a new place is starting a new chapter in your life. It feels incredible, and you finally get out of the rut of your old home. Maybe you’re switching work, getting promoted, or just feel like living in a new city. Everything is excellent, and life seems beautiful. Before you move into the new place, you check everything. You check the light, the windows, leaks, and the electric insulation. Everything that can be verified has been tested, and you finally settle in.

As soon as you close the doors, you’re feeling ecstatic and full of euphoria. All goes well, the day passes and it’s finally time to sleep. At that time, you begin to hear it. The loud traffic, tons of cars are driving, neighbors stomping above you, people arguing in the hallways. It’s like a nightmare. But it’s not just you. Almost everyone who moves into a new place forgets to ask about the noise. So, the only thing you’re left with is to look for ways in which you can soundproof your new home.

Will it be worth all the effort and the money?

The first question that pops into everyone’s mind is whether it will be worth it. Is it indispensable to do an overhaul of most of the things in the new apartment just to get rid of some noise? That depends solely on you and what kind of decision you want to make. You have to take into consideration both the costs and the benefits you will get. If you’re the type of person who can get used to all the noise in a month or two, then you will have no problems without soundproofing at all.

But, if you are a very light sleeper, then you might want to try some cheap options to see if they solve the problem. If that doesn’t work, you’re going to have to call some professionals to do the job. A regular operation like this is likely to cost around 1600 dollars. This figure should be taken as a starter estimate, but the price depends on many factors. That can be the size, all the materials, and their type, as well as any additional requirements that you might have.

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Think of what you need and pick the best option

Before you start doing anything, take a moment to think about what you need. If there is somebody who is playing the drums at nine o’clock in the evening or first thing in the morning, that’s not going to be the same as a few noises coming from the traffic. It’s essential to think of the biggest problem first, and then going on to the smaller ones.

For example, you should know that one layer of drywall with a thin piece of metal on both sides, along with some polymer in between is better than eight sheets of only drywall. This saves space, and it saves money. And of course, you want the best value for your money. This can require getting professional help so they can solve the core problems without you breaking the bank.

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Do you really need to soundproof ceilings and floors?

Do you really need to soundproof ceilings and floors?

Sound only needs a medium so it can pass through. That’s either a fragile surface or it can be air. You might not think that you need the insulation on the ceilings and the floors, but you would be wrong. Some people just refuse the thought of doing so, and they hear loud footsteps in the middle of the night. It’s either that or the sounds of furniture dragging early on the weekends. That’s what can happen if you decide to spend money on all the walls and don’t do anything about the walls above and below you.

Don’t go overboard with it

In big cities, more and more people live closer to each other. This means that you can hear your neighbors opening and closing their fridge, their washing machine, or them washing the dishes. No one wants to listen to that. If they’re a bit louder, you can listen to them showering or walking. This can force you to start listening to music on your headphones, in the comfort of your own home.

That’s why it’s a good investment to do soundproof while there is still construction going on. During that period, it’s much more comfortable, and it’s much cheaper as well. You can just add more insulation to some walls that are close to each other, and it’s all done. If you wait until there is a problem, you may have to break down the wall, and then rebuild it again. Don’t wait for a challenge to arise before you do something about it. It’s much better to prevent rather than to treat.

Can you soundproof a part of the room where the noise is coming from?

You may be hearing sounds coming from only one wall. So, you decide to put a bit of acoustic foam to reduce the noise. It may help a little bit, but it won’t solve the problem because now the sound will be coming from the walls next to it. Sound is a weird thing, and it travels in mysterious ways. To anticipate it, you have to know the architecture and the way the walls were built. But since you can’t do that, it’s better to do everything at once. For that you can see these soundproofing how to’s.

If you soundproof only one wall, it may not fix the problem. After that, you’re going to have to do the same to the neighboring ones. That wastes your money and your time. Clear your head of worry and just fix it all together. It will make you sleep quieter, and you can’t put a price tag on a good night’s sleep

Finally, it is up to you how you should solve this problem. For some people, living with loud noises isn’t that big of a problem. You can try getting accustomed to the sound. Or, if that doesn’t work, soundproofing is always a way out.



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