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There are many reasons for remodeling your bathroom: making changes to your home, improving livability, and so on. However, most people pay attention to the same things: tiles, walls, and the paint job. And yet, everyone might underrate plumbing. Not every visual change you make to your bathroom will be compatible with the plumbing. That’s only 1 fact. To help you, we’ve put together a list of things to pay special attention to when remodeling your bathroom.

Focus On The Plumbing System

Before going through remodeling your bathroom, you need to take a look at the plumbing system itself. Find out exactly where the pipes are located and what kind of pipes they are. Additionally, please pay attention to the condition of the pipes when you find them. The pipes may run through the walls or your bathroom floor and could be made from several materials.

close-up of the pipe
You might have to replace some plumbing to fit the new fixtures.

Cast iron, galvanized steel, or several other materials are an option. The pipes may not be the right size for modern fixtures in older homes. If the pipes are outdated or damaged, you’ll have to have them replaced. And for the future, you might want to consider environmentally-friendly ways to clean your bathroom. Cleaning your bathroom regularly will help keep it in working order longer.

Upgrade Your Toilet

The toilet is a vital part of every household, but it’s often overlooked during a bathroom remodel. During a remodel, the toilet will likely be removed anyway, making it an excellent opportunity to replace it. In today’s market, you can even find dual flush toilets, which are great for saving water in the long run.

They offer a weaker and stronger flush option. The weaker one is used for liquid waste, while the stronger flush is used for solids. However, these toilets can be expensive so a regular toilet might be more realistic. If you’re satisfied with your toilet condition, there are other cheaper options. Budget-friendly options are available to you when choosing how to remodel your bathroom. Still, you’ll have to replace the toilet eventually, so why not take the chance while you have it?

Bigger Drains

Like the pipes, the drains may be too small for the new fixtures installed during a remodel. While they can still be functional, they’ll get clogged much more often than if they were the correct size. As such, while going through a bathroom remodel, it’s important to remember the drains. The easiest way to ensure your drains are the right size is to consult a plumber.

person standing next to sink
Small drains can cause long-term problems, so make sure to make them bigger where necessary.

Experts can tell you if your current drains are compatible with the fixtures you intend to install. Remember, these changes can be costly to make after the remodel is done, so make sure you get everything right in one go. Additionally, when it comes to the health of your drains, you should know how to unclog a bathroom sink naturally. This will help you out quite a bit in the long run.

Concealed Pipe Or Not

You can leave the piping exposed or conceal it when remodeling your bathroom. Generally speaking, the difference is primarily aesthetic; exposed piping behind the fixtures can give the bathroom a more industrial feel while having them concealed is more modern. However, exposed pipes do come with visible effects, which are both good and bad. If an exposed pipe bursts, water will go all over the bathroom and make a mess.

On the other hand, plumbers can reach exposed pipes and fix them much more quickly. There are advantages to both choices, and you should consider them carefully before making a decision. Additionally, experts from Orange Mover recommend that you make sure your new pipes aren’t damaged in transit. It would be a complete nightmare to find out that your bathroom’s plumbing needs repairs as soon as the remodel is done.

Replace The Water Heater

Remodeling your bathroom usually involves changing the bathtub or shower and adding a giant tub, a dual shower head, or something similar. However, most homeowners ignore their water heater when going through these upgrades. And it’s hard to enjoy a relaxing bath without hot water. Like the toilet, the heater will likely be taken down in the remodeling process, which is perfect.

water heater in the bathroom
A bathroom remodels is the perfect chance to replace your water heater.

You can easily upgrade to a high-efficiency water heater, which makes heating water much faster and less expensive in the long term. So, take the chance to upgrade your water heater while your bathroom is being remodeled. And when it comes to the shower, you should also know how to fix water damage on a bathroom vanity door. After all, the bathroom vanity will most likely be damaged in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Going through a bathroom remodel is quite a big decision. It’s not as simple as most people make it. You have to consider whether the plumbing in your bathroom is compatible with what you want to install. Remember to think about actual upgrades instead of only aesthetics. We hope this list of things to pay special attention to when remodeling your bathroom helps you throughout the process. Thanks for visiting Greenhouse Center & enjoy reading!


  1. Good idea to upgrade the water heater. I just got a new high-efficiency water heater and I’m so glad I did. With the rising cost of energy, I’m sure it will pay for itself in no time.


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