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Gardening is a hobby or even a passion for many people. You spend much time in the garden and yard doing your favorite outdoor activities. This makes your lifestyle interesting. However, stones in various sizes are annoying obstacles that detract from the beauty and aesthetics of your landscape. How about removing landscape rock from the yard?

Eliminating stones is easier if you read some tips below.

Remove Surface Rock for Lawns and Gardens

A large group of rocks will be a significant obstacle if you intend to grow a new lawn or plant a garden. The removal of surface rocks is essential. Luckily, the removal is simpler than digging deep.

We introduce effective ways that help your yard to get rid of rocks.

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Remove Rocks in Small Size

Rocks in the soil can harm plants or grass because they prevent roots from coming to the soil and taking nutrition. Rocks also destroy gardening equipment, especially lawnmowers. If you want to have a garden, you have to eliminate rocks from the soil. You should be equipped with a rototiller and garden rake.

Firstly, you use the rototiller to loosen the soil slowly. The dirt is crushed, and big rocks are exposed. Put rocks in a wheelbarrow because they are uncovered.

When rototilling is done, you use a garden rake to collect rocks from the soil. Put rocks in a wheelbarrow. They can be used to build lining paths or garden beds.

Once you have rototilled the area, use a garden rake to pull any stones from the soil into a pile. You can then place the stones into the wheelbarrow or save them for lining paths or garden beds.

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Remove Excess Pebbles or Gravel

Removing landscape rock from the yard includes removing boulders, pebbles, gravel, etc. If you remove an old gravel path or large amounts of debris, you can finish up with a leaf rake to separate small pebbles from the soil. These pebbles usually help with drainage, so they should be left in a new garden or area with outdoor plants.

Removing all pebbles from an area will allow the soil to pack down and may create flooding risks over time.

You can use a leaf rake to collect a considerable amount of pebbles. This tool will remove stones from the soil. If stones assist the drainage system, place them in a new garden or area with outdoor plants.

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Remove Boulders

It’s not easy to remove boulders. Some people can find that it is harder than loosening or raking the soil. So, what do you need to start? A few tools and elbow grease are necessary to finish the job.

Remove Small to Medium-Sized Boulders

To get rid of the boulders, buying some pieces of equipment is essential. You must have feathers and wedges, a hammer drill, a mallet, a pointed shovel, and a wheelbarrow.

Let’s get started!

Dig up around a boulder with a pointed shovel so that the boulder loses the cover. Could you put it in the wheelbarrow?

If you have to solve the more giant boulders, you will use the hammer to drill holes, then put feathers and wedges into holes. To destroy a big boulder, you use a mallet.

Remove Big Boulders

What should you do if you must remove very big boulders? You will require a leverage system. Specifically, necessary tools contain a chain or four-inch nylon straps, iron pipe, piece of six-by-six-inch lumber, a piece of two-by-six-inch lumber, and a pry bar.

There are three methods to remove big boulders. You need to evaluate the situation to choose the best method.

  • Make a fulcrum. But how? You use the tools mentioned above. Stick the pry bar under the boulder and wedge a piece of six-by-six lumber under the bar. Then, you will pull the bar back against the lumber to displace the stone. Move the boulder a little by doing steps again.
  • Make a platform and bring the stone on it. You move the platform and the stone move too. You must place a piece of two-by-six lumber on top of sturdy iron pipes next to the boulder. Transfer the boulder to the platform.
  • Make use of a truck or tractor. Move the rock like in step 1 until you can cover a chain or some four-inch nylon straps around it. Tie the other end of the chain or nylon with the tow hitch of the truck. Next, you take advantage of the horsepower to drag the rock out of the yard.

See this video to learn additional tips!

Wrap It Up

You have a new yard and want to improve it, but large stones or pebbles hinder your work. Removing landscape rock from yard is essential in that circumstance. Don’t worry too much! If you are well-prepared and follow instructions, you can get rid of stones easily.


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