When it comes to maintaining your personal space, it can require a lot of time and energy to keep it clean and tidy. From the ceiling fans to the countertops, there are many surfaces where dirt and grime can settle, which can affect how comfortable and at ease you feel in the setting. Cleaning your home in half the time, there are a few important secrets to learn.

We spoke to representatives from 2nd city gas plumbing and heating, who are plumbers in Worcester, and they said, “Cleaning is a hustle. However, if you plan properly and use the right equipment, you minimize the amount of time you’d spend cleaning your house. Thus said, when cleaning your home, you need to have the right cleaning materials ready, plan properly and when starting your cleaning routine always start from the top to the bottom.”

When Cleaning a House, Where Do You Start?

When it comes to cleaning your house, start by creating a cleaning routine to ensure you can quickly clean the house and have a process that is easy to follow. Clean in the same spot every time. Work in one room at a time to avoid running back and forth to different spots in the home, according to Perform the same tasks every time to ensure you create a routine and can work at a faster pace.


Start by cleaning top to bottom, right to the left. When cleaning your blinds or your ceiling fan, the dust can fall down and settle onto other surfaces in the home. Cleaning from left to right will also allow you to cover the entire space without missing any areas.

The floors should be the last surface you clean after wiping down the furniture and countertops because dust, crumbs, and grime can accumulate on the ground. Start by vacuuming the floors before you mop to avoid pushing the dirt around. Running a robotic vacuum through the house every day can make the cleaning routine shorter and more efficient if the floors are already fairly clean.

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Keep Proper Tools Ready

The supplies and cleaning tools you plan to use should be within reach to avoid spending time traveling back and forth to the broom closet or garage to get what you need. Consider wearing an apron where you can store sponges, feather dusters, and bottles of cleaner to quickly access everything. Use small bottles that are easier to carry and hold for added convenience. Using a bucket or caddy will also allow you to have a place for everything and carry it with you to each room of the home.


Consider using cleaning products that can be used on different surfaces, whether you’re cleaning the mirrors or the sink. Items like magic erasers are effective and work well on grout, toilets, and stovetops. You can limit the number of items and supplies you need if you can use them in more than one way.

How to Make Space?

One secret of cleaning your home in half the time is to clear out the space for cleaning work. Making space to clean your home is essential to ensure you can move quickly without running into different objects. Consider using cable protectors to avoid vacuuming over the wires. You can also push some of the furniture close to the walls to have more space to vacuum or mop.

Removing abundant items from your shelves/ countertops and placing them in drawers can allow you to dust and wipe everything quicker. Fewer items left out means that you won’t have to clean that much and get it done quicker.

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How Often Should You Clean Different Parts of Your House?

Many people make the mistake of cleaning different parts of the house too frequently when it’s not necessary. Over time, this can cause you to spend several more hours cleaning than necessary. Create a chart to keep track of the frequency of the housework to ensure you do just enough of it.


According to, certain cleaning tasks that need to be performed each day include making your bed, cleaning the coffeemaker, wiping down bathroom surfaces, sweeping the kitchen floors, and cleaning dirty dishes. Emptying the trashes in each room and in the kitchen is also necessary to maintain a fresh setting.

Each week, you can focus on a few tasks. For example: scrubbing the bathroom surfaces, throwing out expired food, cleaning the microwave, or vacuuming your floors. The blinds only need to be dusted once a month. Thus, you can clean light fixtures and also clean your appliances. Do chores every three to six months include washing the car, cleaning behind furniture, and cleaning the kitchen range hood. Once a year, opt for cleaning out your rain gutters and fireplace and wiping down your windows.

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Final Words

Knowing the best ways to clean is more efficient and saves much of your time. Supplies like cable protectors can also tidy up your space and make it appear less cluttered. Cleaning in half the time will spare you some extra hours doing many things else. We hope that this article about “Cleaning Your Home in Half the Time” truly help you! Thanks for visiting Green House Center!


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