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Depending on where you live and shop, a secure parking space is necessary if you want to keep your mind on the day’s outing. Worrying about your vehicle while shopping for your gardening needs can put a cloud over the occasion.

Finding the right garden tools, seeds, and other gardening needs takes a bit of concentration. So, if you don’t want to overspend, you must pay attention.

Secure parking can help you maintain the focus you need to shop for your gardening needs. Because gardening requires more than soil and seed, those are also necessary, and the wide variety can make choices difficult if you want to stay within a budget.

Secure Parking for your vehicle

Even though parking spaces can be found in most city centers, only some are safe. Therefore, having a safe spot for you, your family, and your vehicle would be best when out on the town.

saving your parking lot

However, secure parking adds a layer of protection between you, your vehicle, and those with nefarious intentions.

Gardening needs — from seed to budding plants

Now that your car is securely parked, it’s time to get down to what spurred this outing: shopping for gardening needs. Starting your plants from pots to potting soil will ensure abundant lasting blooms, healthy plants, and tasty vegetables.

There are a few essential tools that you will need for gardening. The tools you need, however, will depend on whether you are planting in pots, containers, raised beds, or traditional tilled garden rows.

  • Small hand rake (fork) or cultivator
  • Small hand shovel and trowel
  • Long-handled shovels, spades, cultivators, hoes, and rakes
  • Small hand pruners and pruning shears
  • Watering can
  • Wheelbarrow or wagon
  • Good gloves!

Of each item listed, you can find inexpensive tools or spend hundreds of dollars on the finest tools. It’s your project and your budget. However, spending an enormous amount of money on a hand trowel is unnecessary when a lesser-priced item will perform the same function.

What kind of gardening do you have in mind?

Each gardening method requires a different approach. For example, you can plant seeds in pots and then transfer the young plants to your garden once they are large enough to put in the ground.

Or you can plant your seeds in containers or raised beds and wait for your plants to grow large enough to fill their space. Container planting will yield abundant flowers, herbs, and vegetables if you have a small yard or just a patio for your plants.

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Flowers can go in gardens, and veggies can grow in pots, containers, or raised beds instead of in a garden plot. So, put on your hat of creativity when searching for gardening needs.

#1. Seeds — so many choices

Seed packets offer much information for the home gardener, including the best place for your seed and whether the plant will thrive where you live. So, reading the instructions on each package before planting them will help your success.

Once you know when and where to plant your seeds, have at it, and in a few days or weeks, you will see the fruits of your labor.

#2. Annuals, biennials, or perennials? Do you know the difference?

Annuals are flowers and herbs that you must plant anew every year. Biennials, on the other hand, take two years to reach maturity.

Perennials are plants that return every year, but even their life cycle predicts how long they will live. Therefore, older perennial plants must be pruned and fertilized to remain healthy.

Heirloom or hybrid? Choosing the type of seed is another decision you must make about seeds and plants. Heirloom plants are openly pollinated and depend on insects and the wind to do so naturally.

Hybrid plants, though, have been cross-bred with other plants to produce specific characteristics. Therefore, you cannot use the seed of a hybrid plant to grow your plants because you may get a plant that resembles the parent plant, or you may not.

#3. Some plants need more than just soil

Some plants do fine if planted in nutrient-rich potting soil. However, others will do better when you add sphagnum moss, or coco coir, which adds loft to the soil and facilitates root development. This type of soil mix is required for orchids and other air plants.

#4. Containers and pots

Seeds can be started in small pots, plastic trays, or containers from seed. Whatever container or pot you use, be sure it is sized to the plant you want to grow there. A small layer of gravel or small pebbles at the bottom of the pot will help facilitate drainage and healthy roots.

A secure parking space means peace of mind — and safe shopping

Shopping for gardening needs is much more pleasant when you know you have secure parking. Having a safe place to return to when shopping is done for the day is reassuring and will contribute to a more pleasant shopping experience.


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