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Nowadays, there are a great number of people who are intensely loved drinking coffee. This is easy to understand, while coffee wakes your mind up and boosts energy for a new day to come. Then we sure you and we will make this type of drink one of the top priorities when going to the coffee shop. In fact, homeowners also think about purchasing one coffee maker for absolute convenience, especially the espresso coffee maker.

People who have just purchased this machine for the first time have to overcome various obstacles. Even some used to purchase the useless one before coming to the right version. However, it is also beneficial when you learn things by yourself; you will have more purchasing.

In this article, we will show you some tips for a better selection of coffee makers. There will have a range of information, from type to construction, for you to understand better.

Manual or Automatic Devices?

Basically, the first element you need to keep in mind is how frequently you want to involve in the making process. Therefore, the manufacturer tries to produce a wide range of coffee makers, including the manual and the one that can operate automatically.

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1. Manual Machine

The manual machine requires users to help lend a hand in brewing their cups. For instance, you have to choose an adequate amount of coffee ground then tamp it.

This type of device will take you a lot of time and effort to brew up the tasteful one. However, as much as you learn how to make, it will leverage your level.

In fact, individuals often feel frustrated when making their own one. The reason is that you do not have much experience and time to practice brewing. Commonly, people who are in love with espresso tend to choose this type of coffee maker; if you want to embrace the true process of making your drink.

2. Automatic Device

With the technology, automatic devices are equipped to let individuals choose the amount and shots they want. To have your cup, all you need to do is waiting after installing the portafilter onto the brew head. With the automatic machine, you can obviously save time on other things. It provides all the settings in a programmable technique. However, the prices seem to be higher compared to that manual one.

Useful Features and Components

As the competitors are increasing day by day, the manufacturer also considers to renovate and update their machine with more useful functions. While some basic elements still stay the same, there are more special features to differentiate between different brands.

Here are some elements that may affect your decision when selecting the real one:


If you are a fan of cappuccinos or latte, then the steam wand plays an essential part in making your cups. Commonly, this is the only add-on you may see when choosing the espresso coffee maker; since it allows users to make steam or froth milk.

In the marches from time to time, with dif in the market rent prices, designs, and quality. If you are new to the espresso coffee maker, it is better to learn about steam and froth. Commonly, people have to overcome problems before they become a master in brewing their cups.

Cup Warmer

Based on some models, there will have one component responsible for heating the cup again for users. In fact, it is better if you have your cup warm first, then get it heated using this part. However, if your cup is cool, it would be hard to see the cup warmer’s effectiveness.

It will help if you remember when purchasing a coffee maker with a cup warmer. It is perilous when there is a small child in the house. Keep out of their reach.

The Water Filter

There is one thing you should know. A coffee maker features various and complicated parts. As a result, life expectancy and maintenance depend on how you use and take care of your device. Especially for expensive models, be sure that your water was filtered already before getting the brew.

Since style and construction appear in a wide range, there will have a machine that came along with water filters already and those that do not.

In fact, two reasons make this component become one of the essential parts for the coffee maker, including:

  • When the water goes into your machine, it gets cooler as time runs by. However, with the boiler’s water filter, your coffee will remain hot as individuals always expect their drink. Be the filter is great to protect your inter-components from being damaged by hot water.
  • Second, obviously, clean water will give you a delicious taste and even the best cup of coffee ever.


To make one cup of espresso coffee, grinding the ground is one important process since it determines the ingredients and the flavors of your drink. According to some homeowners, having one grinder with high-quality is also one thing you need to keep in mind.

  • If you seek a good quality grinder for brewing at home, it should go up to the conical burr grinder, and you will find different models from that. Remember, all the models always feature useful functions. All individuals have to do is to make sure the productivity.
  • For automatic versions, individuals have the chance to adjust the fineness of its ground. For instance, the grinder with a metal-blade is more likely to give you the sense of burn when tasting. Ceramic is one type of material which less likely to change the flavors of your drink.

There are different types of coffee makers in the market, and if you are seeking one espresso machine, these are things individuals ought to keep in mind. Actually, try not to give up when you come up with a rough situation; we all need learning to become a professional in brewing coffee at home.


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