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If you find that it is time to remodel your home, you should consider the benefit of making some green home improvements. After all, being energy efficient doesn’t only reduce your bills. It can also make your home much more comfortable. So, we have put together a list of simple but effective tips for going green for your convenience.

Home Energy Audit

Before doing any actual planning, it is essential to pay attention. Before going as far as considering home renovations to fit in your green home improvements, a vital step is to get a smart home energy audit. This step will help make your home remodeling plan by pointing out factors such as site conditions, your local climate, the state of your current heating and cooling environment, and so on. Something like this will usually cost you around $300 – $500, although you might be able to negotiate a lower price.

Once the energy audit is complete, you will know what to focus on to reduce utility and home maintenance costs. On top of that, you will have some ideas for a healthier and safer interior that will increase energy efficiency and physical comfort.

Caulk The Air Leaks

While it may seem obvious and straightforward, preventing air from escaping through your infrastructure is very effective in saving some energy. After all, saving energy is a lot easier than making it. And at the end of the day, the process is relatively cheap. If you are handy yourself, buying caulk and a caulk gun is very reasonable. 

worker applying sealant
Applying caulk can save you a lot of energy.

Every dollar store has a silicone caulk, a popular choice for non-porous materials such as glass, ceramic tile, and metal. Masonry caulk keeps its elasticity in any weather and works for cracks in mortar and concrete. If you don’t want to go through the process yourself, a professional painter will typically charge you from $50 to $100 per hour, and you might hire a handyperson for half as much.

Draining Water Heat Recovery System

A surprising amount of energy goes into heating water, only to use it briefly and have it go down the drain. But, what if we can use the heat from this water to pre-heat water for future use? Fortunately, the water heat draining recovery system does just that. One such unit can cost anywhere from $300 to $550, although most of the price comes with installing during a remodel, which can be very expensive, and the building is quite tricky.

This thing can lead to having your home remodel last a while, and experts from Simplify Valet Storage and Moving recommend storing your belongings in climate-controlled and secured storage facilities during the remodel.

Wooden Doors And Windows

When it comes to insulation against cold air, it is hard to beat wooden doors and windows. This particular green home improvement is expensive, as wooden doors and windows cost about twice as much as the typical hollow metal doors or vinyl windows. You will have the ongoing cost of maintaining them.

Staircase and wooden doors
Wooden doors and windows are the best energy-saving option.

Even so, wooden doors and windows are the best energy-saving option. However, it pays to mention that this choice comes with the occasional need for painting and maintenance, which is an ongoing cost. And if we don’t get this maintenance done well, it might detract from the sale value should you ever decide to sell your home.


Cold winds can be a heavy burden on your energy efficiency during winter. If you have a lawn, your home will most likely suffer from wind chill during winter, and you will feel it. An excellent green home improvement idea is to plant dense evergreen trees and shrubs to the north and northwest of your home can help quite a lot by beating back the cold winter winds, making it, so your heating systems don’t have to make up for it.

Buying bulky specimens can be expensive, and getting a return on your investment from heating bills alone will take a while, but having a windbreak will help you save money in the long run. Of course, if you have never dealt with planting trees, it is best to hire an arborist to help with the process.

Plant Trees For Shade

On the other hand, planting shade trees helps keep your home cool in the summer regarding landscape plants. Unlike evergreens used for windbreaks, we should plant trees to get shades densely. On top of that, you will want deciduous trees with spreading crowns. Not many budgets allow for 30-foot shade trees, so researching trees’ growth is essential.

house surrounded by trees
Shade trees can help keep your home cool during summer.

Of course, it is also crucial to pay attention to which trees will thrive on your soil, also for both shade and windbreakPoplars are a popular choice, although maples and red oaks are also good options. It will take time for you to feel the effect they have on your heating bills.

Storage During A Remodel

Lastly, a problem you might encounter while remodeling your home is: where to store your items during the remodel? Well, if you are remodeling your home room by room, you won’t probably need unique storage solutions. Still, chances are you will need a temporary solution.

Or, if you are remodeling your home entirely, you can ask your friends or family whether they have space in their home or garage for your belongings. It is essential to consider all of your options before deciding on what your storage solution will be.


Going green isn’t easy. There are many things to consider, and some of the more practical options can be expensive. However, we hope that this list of simple yet effective green home improvements has helped you decide on your first steps towards an energy-efficient home.

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