Best LED Grow Lights

Being a plant lover, I understand how living in a fully covered house feels like. Well, you do not have to compromise with your all-time-favorite activity of gardening within your home just because of the lack of sunlight. Some of the best led grow lights work well to supplement the plants with the light essential for their growth.

Unlike their counterparts, the LED lights contribute to optimizing the indoor setup without consuming much energy. Moreover, they may appear quite expensive initially. But in the long run, you will for sure love the investment you made in this product.

What’s a LED Grow Light?

LED grow lights are the light-emitting diodes that come along with a heat sink and inbuilt fans. An LED Grow light has the ability to produce different wavelengths of light spectra that can be used to grow indoor plants.

A variety of LED grows lights are available in the market with different specifications and uses.

Benefits to Customers When Using LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

The popularity and demand for LED grow lights has increased significantly in the past few years. The reason behind it is the long list of the advantages that come along. Also, since people turn environment-friendly, taking global warming and pollution into consideration, the LED lights seem to be the best option for indoor gardening in the scenario. Since these lights automatically optimize the indoor plants’ temperature and brightness, the traditional lighting system seems futile in comparison. Taking a closer view of the same, I have compiled a list of the five major advantages of using LED grow lights. Take a look before you finalize anything.

LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

  • Long-lasting: Owing to high efficiency and low energy use, the LEDs’ lifetime is much more than other illumination technologies. Instead of stopping to work instantly, the LEDs slowly lose their brightness, thereby indicating the consumer in advance.
  • Targeted wavelength: Scientifically, plants absorb the highest amount of chlorophyll when exposed to specific wavelengths of light. LED lights are capable of employing specific spectra to match the peak absorption ranges. That means the entire process gets eased up while increasing the pace of the plant’s growth in return.
  • Energy savior: The high-pressure sodium lamps soak a large amount of energy, thereby affecting the efficiency. On the other hand, LEDs are an ideal source for meeting the energy requirements of urban farming. Isn’t it a step towards an eco-friendly environment as well?
  • Expertly designed: You will fall in love with the flexible design of these LED grow lights as they can be easily fixed wherever you require them to. Also, these can be used as multilayer vertical systems and inner lighting designs between plants. The expertly designed products help to focus the major amount of light directed towards the plant and to minimize the loss to the largest extent.
  • Protect the plants from excess heat: As mentioned earlier as well, the best led grow lights emit minimal heat as compared to their counterparts, including bulbs and mercury lights. Supplying more light and less heat to the plants obviously cater to their growth. Also, excessive heat is very harmful to the greenery, which often leads to a shorter lifetime.

Why Choose a Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light?

Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Science today has allowed us to understand and know the unsaid concepts of plants and animals. A full spectrum LED grow light helps the plants grow better and healthy. Science proved that the plants growing under the full-spectrum LED lights were more efficient than the ones grown under white or any other light.

This can be further explained by the relevance of the main function of a plant system, Photosynthesis. Plants do not require the bright and blinding white light on them for the photosynthesis process.

The various proteins and pigments required by the plants depend upon the wavelength received by them from the light helping in photosynthesis.

Thus different wavelength colors help in distinct functions of a plant. The best source of a full-spectrum light is the sun. The closest similar light that can be provided to the plants is by these full-spectrum LED grow lights.

Top 5 The Best LED Grow Lights for Growing Indoor Plants On The Market

I understand how difficult it is to choose when you have innumerable good options to buy from. Keeping in mind the customer’s requirements and the reviews over various products, I have shortlisted the top five best led grow lights, which actually excel from the bulk of the LEDs.

1. Roleadro LED Grow Light, Galaxyhydro Series 300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum

The 300w LED grow light is suitable for plants undergoing stages like seedling, growing, flowering, or fruiting. Giving out sufficiently bright light, the product meets up the growth requirement of all types of plants.

I would recommend it to those who do not wish to compromise with the product in any way but can’t afford to spend a hefty amount.

The cooling fan attached to the LEDs does not allow the light to burn out, thereby taking care of your safety. They are very durable and come with a 2 years warranty policy.

Roleadro LED Grow Light, Galaxyhydro Series 300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum


  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Super bright UV light
  • Saves energy
  • Effective cooling system


  • The cooling fans produce a loud noise
  • It gets overheated when used continuously

2. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants

These are meant for those who love to grow bigger, denser plants that are completely coated with resin. The ultra-bright light is so powerful that you cannot look directly towards it. The reflector style LEDs helps in creating a balance with high PAR.

Also, instead of concentrating the light at a single place, which is harmful to the plant’s growth, the VIPARSPECTRA reflector series evenly provides light to all the plants in your garden.

The cooling fans, along with the aluminum cooling heat sinks, keep the temperature down and save you from damage.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants


  • 70% cooler than HID
  • Provides maximum coverage
  • A timer can control it
  • Creates and maintains a balance
  • Perfect for quick growth of plants


  • Not waterproof
  • Not very durable

3. BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants

These are the highest Par/Lumen output generating LED lights. Having a 10W dual-chip, which makes it brighter and better than the 3W and 5W LED lights, definitely outstand the collection.

As per their motive, these lights are very beneficial and efficient for the saplings, plants, flowers, vegetables, etc. They also consist of a powerful yet quiet fan system, which helps retain the temperature increase due to the light of the LED.

The lights’ structure is built so that the aluminum body with holes and the glass makes a perfect built, which reduces the heat to 50-60℉ as compared to other lights. It is the most suitable light for the dimension area of 5.1’x4.7′ and a height of 24”.

BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants


  • Highest Par/lumen output.
  • Brighter than others
  • The efficient cooling fan system
  • It consumes only 185 watts
  • 3 years of warranty


  • It Burns out very soon
  • Small in size.

4. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants

This range of LED lights has been highly successful. The reason behind their popularity is none other than their well created and scientifically engineered structure. The light provides the most optimized full-spectrum light, which keeps in keeping the plants and flowers healthful.

Also, it’s huge 4.72” fan, and the heat sink made of aluminum helps keep these lights cool and working. Compared to the electricity consumption of the other lights, being a 1000W LED light, it hardly consumes 524W.

The perfect area for the effective functioning of this light will be 4`x4` with 24” height. Because you get a 30 days guarantee in which you can return the item if you aren’t satisfied, it makes it a good purchase.

VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants


  • Scientifically engineered
  • Balanced Par/Lumen output
  • Optimum full-spectrum light
  • Easy heat dissipation
  • Guarantee of satisfaction


  • Not very efficient for flowering
  • Only two fans help in cooling
  • Consumes 1200W

5. King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV and IR

The king plus LED grow light comes with 10w double chips, making it far brighter and more efficient than the traditional illuminating technologies. Being energy-efficient, it helps you save a lot of money. The best part of this product is its spectrum.

Consisting of all lights ranging from red to blue, it totally mimics the sunlight and can be used to grow all sorts of plants. The properly designed system helps in proper heat dissipation.

Despite all the facilities and features, if you face any problems or issues, the 24×7 customer service will help you get through it.

King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV and IR


  • Amazing cooling system to save your plants from heat damage
  • Pocket-friendly
  • It consists of the complete light spectrum
  • Energy saving
  • Maximum coverage


  • A loud noise of the cooling fan
  • The short lifespan of LEDs

The Most Common Types of Indoor Grow Lights

Indoor grow lights have proved to be the ultimate solution for indoor gardening. Owing to the varying demands and cultivation of different types of plants, including herbs, plants, vegetables, fruits, there are innumerable options available in the market. Though they are meant to fulfill a single need, the method of operating it may differ slightly.

The below are the six types of indoor grow lights:

1. High-Pressure Sodium Lights

HPS can be used when you are willing to re-create the ambiance like that of a greenhouse. It would be the best option to choose if you stay at a place that does not receive sufficient sunlight. The drawback of the product is that it emits a lot of heat and hence you would need an advanced cooling system to cope with the ill effects.

2. Metal Halide

Using only a moderate amount of wattage, these grow lights produce wavelength as the sunlight produced during late spring or early days of summers. To produce a wider light spectrum, one can combine it with HPS to form a ‘dual arc’ bulb. This is a far better and durable option to use.

3. Incandescent

These are not the grow lights but an addition to the same. They can be used along the other indoor growing lights to attain a specific wavelength for your plant. But be sure before buying them as these have a comparatively shorter lifespan. Also, you need to pay extra care towards your plants as the heat produced by Incandescent is harmful.

4. Fluorescent

These are the most favorable option which is not only cost-effective but is also easily available. Though they come with a short lifespan, the fluorescent lights can be your best pick if you love to grow herbs or vegetables. Please think twice before investing in them, as you may have to limit yourself in certain things while using them.

5. High-Intensity Discharge (HID)

These are possibly the most powerful alternative for the sunlight. Emitting light twice as much as the fluorescents, HID is often used as the primary source of light as it can alone fulfill the plants’ requirements. Here, you have to compromise with money as these are a bit expensive.

6. LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

Known for having a long lifespan and environment-friendly traits, LEDs are the most preferred options nowadays. Since it’s easy to customize the wavelength with LEDs, you get a variety of options when it comes to indoor gardening. Immensely cost-effective and easy to place, these grow lights are amazing in every manner.

Some Items You May Need For Your Grow Room Kit

Before you decide to purchase the best LED grow lights for your indoor plants, it is important to make a complete grow room kit. To make your grow room kit complete, you need to have the below-listed things:

  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are required to safeguard indoor plants from the harmful effects of light.
  • Nutrients: Grow lights are the alternative to Sunlight for indoor gardening, but you need to provide nutrients to your plants along with growing lights.
  • Grow tent: A grow tent safeguards indoor plants from dust and other harmful particles. It is a vital part of a grows room kit.
  • Light meter: The growth of indoor plants can be disturbed if the light spectrum’s correct wavelength is not provided to the plants. A light meter helps check and adjust the required wavelength of the grow light on your indoor garden.
  • Thermometer and hygrometer: These are other important parts of the grow room kit, as these help us know the temperature around the plant and the quantity of water in the plant.

How to Choose the Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants?

Before you choose to buy a specific product, make sure you have answers to three essential questions:

  • What are you planning to grow?
  • What is the space in which you will be growing your favorite plants?
  • What are the variety of grow lights available, and which one is most suitable for you?

Once you have an idea about the same, look into the output of the grow light. Make sure that it’s no less than 300W. Considering the type of plant that you will be growing, choose the most appropriate LED. It should avail you the light of the specific wavelength as needed by your plant.

Cooling aspects is the next most essential thing to consider. The LED must have proper functional fans that may protect your lamps and your plants from excessive heat. It would be recommended to look for a thick aluminum heat sink attached towards the back.

Next comes the lens to magnify the light. The light needs to reach each plant, and lenses help in the same. It might add a bit to the cost, but it’s worth it.

Last but not least, do not forget to know about the warranty/guarantee policies. Surely you would not want to spend on buying the LEDs again and again. So make sure it has a considerably longer lifespan.

Final Thought

After looking at the above-mentioned best LED grow lights, perhaps you have a clear idea about what to buy and what not to. It would help if you made the decision based on your requirements and budgets, of course. As far as final thoughts from my side are considered, I would tag Roleadro LED Grow Light as the best among all.

It has sufficient light that it emits, but it also has an affordable cost, long life span, and energy efficiency, making it the most desirable option.Though it has a cut-throat competition with other products, more or less, the rest lag behind in one field or the other.


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