Celestial Green Ventures PLC was founded in 2009 and worked to prevent deforestation in the Amazon and to create carbon credits and benefits. Celestial Green Ventures aimed to address global environmental issues.

What did Celestial Green Ventures set out to achieve?

Celestial Green Ventures (or CGV for short), was an environmental conservation organization.

Throughout the early 2010s, Celestial Green Ventures PLC analyzed environmental issues and developed new and innovative ways to address the climate crisis.

Every person in the world will have to face the destructive effects of climate change, and more and more businesses must look outside the box and figure out how we can save the planet.

What did Celestial Green Ventures specialize in?

Celestial Green Ventures PLC specialised in protecting regions at risk of deforestation.

They carried out their vital work in the Amazon region of Brazil – otherwise known as the lungs of the world.

Not only did Celestial Green Ventures focus on preventing deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, but they also contributed to the protection of biodiversity in the region and ensured that throughout their projects, they supported local communities too.

How were Celestial Green Ventures’ projects developed?

The CGV projects in the Amazon were developed under a REDD+ framework in the voluntary carbon market. This ensured that their carbon reduction credits were properly counted. Therefore, they also maintained the region’s biodiversity and helped the communities that lived there too.

The framework works under a REDD+ mechanism. REDD+ is a framework designed by UNFCCC and it guides the forest sector to prevent deforestation in developing countries.

REDD+ stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. The plus refers to the additional benefits brought about by carrying out these projects that don’t have a direct impact on carbon emissions. This can refer to social improvements for local communities or improved biodiversity.

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