Decorating a brand new home is certainly a matter of fun than setting up important security measures. This is why burglars love you and your property. If you want to stay away from the extra care shown by burglars, consider prioritizing the home security measures immediately. It’s not a concern exactly, but playing with these distasteful intruders can be fun with some helpful tips and tricks.

Setting up an intrusion detection system

It’s always good to have installed a smart technology in the wake of increased burglary cases. It is an exceptional system that makes the house occupants aware of intrusion or even prevents unwanted guests from getting in. These systems are available for both commercial and residential facilities. The smart device sets on an alarm in the form of the intrusion detection system and thus helps in protecting your assets.

CCTV based Surveillance for ultimate safety

CCTV based Video Surveillance is one of the best ways to tackle the critters in the form of burglars. The devices help in deterring crime at the very first step of an intrusion case. Connecting these devices (cameras) with a video surveillance system can bolster the image of security in your property. The captured videos will be documented and this is a necessity especially when it goes dark.

The video image will help you to find out who, when, where, what and how behind an occurrence. Linking with your smartphone, you can check who is standing in your garden even when you are miles away from your house. You can also check how your pets are doing or the babysitter is taking care of your kids or not.

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Setting up a facial recognition system

Considering that we live in an advanced era, why don’t take advantage of the same? Artificial Intelligence and IoT are doing wonderful jobs. Modern security technologies are taking this advantage to make life easy. If you want to smartly deal with the burglars or trespassers, simply set up a facial recognition system at the doorstep.

It is a type of biometric system that can go beyond detecting human faces. It can detect whose face it is by matching with the images stored in the database. Now, if you have some guests gathering scheduled, make sure to have their face’s images stored in the database. It will inform you about all the unknown faces immediately.

Lighting up the landscape

If you have a moderate to the large-sized lawn at the frontier of your property, setting up motion-activated lights can let the burglars know who you are. Vandals and criminals don’t like being under the spotlight. It’s better to keep the burglars at bay by installing smart motion-detecting lights around the property. Different models are available with specialized abilities and thus, you should choose according to your needs.

Considering these helpful and smart tips for the burglary or intrusion prevention act, it may seem that you need to go for some extra cash to protect your property. Well. This isn’t the case, because you can contact the right source that offers specialized security systems at affordable costs.


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