10 Tips For Cleaning A Messy Bedroom

When was the last time that you cleaned your bedroom? Has it been a while? If you’re like most people it probably has. As a child, it was the only room in the house that was yours, so it goes pretty crazy, right? As an adult, you might have thought things would be better, but it’s actually not much better. You end up hiding things in your room when you’re cleaning the rest of the house for company or you find yourself tossing things in your room to get them out of your way for the time and then never getting back to them. That’s why you need tips for cleaning a messy bedroom no matter what your age.

Tips For Cleaning A Messy Bedroom

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10 Tips for Cleaning a Messy Bedroom

1. Start With the Trash

The very first thing that you want to do in our tips for cleaning a messy bedroom starts with things that you already know you don’t need. These are the things that are most definitely trash like wrappers, packaging and other things that just never made it to the garbage. Just getting rid of these things is going to make a huge impact, even if you don’t have a lot of them sitting around.

2. Check Out What Doesn’t Belong

Next, start looking at everything in your room and see what doesn’t belong there. Got a glass of water from that night you were so thirsty? Maybe you’ve got a couple toys that belong to your kids or a book you borrowed from a friend. Anything that doesn’t need to be in your bedroom should be removed right away. But don’t just throw it anywhere or you’ll end up with a totally different room you have to clean. Make sure it gets put where it actually belongs instead.

3. Ditch What You Don’t Need

Have a few books or movies that have been sitting in your closet for years that you never touched? How about that sweater your grandma got you and you’ve never worn? Those are things that are cluttering up your space that you don’t need. You’re not using them and someone else might be able to, so take some time to get those things out of the space. Put them in boxes and take them over to a donation center or a rescue mission. You may be able to help someone else with those things you don’t’ need and you’re getting rid of some more clutter.

4. Make the Bed

There’s something about a freshly made bed that everyone seems to love. Just pulling those sheets up and fluffing up the pillows can make you feel like you’ve accomplished something great. So take a few minutes to clear everything off your bed and get started. Maybe it’s even a good time to change out those sheets if it’s been a while. If not, just pull up the sheets and covers and make sure everything looks nice and smooth. You’ll start feeling better about the room already.

5. Look for Clothes

Any clothing can go in one of two places. It either goes in the box of things you’re donating to someone else or it goes in your closet (or dresser). So look around for any clothing items and start by putting those away. You’ll definitely be more than happy with the way things are starting to look just based on the few simple things that you’ve taken care of already. And with your clothes put away, you’ll be better prepared for what you’re going to do in the morning as well.

6. Take Care of Large Items

Look for anything large that’s taking up a lot of space and find a spot for it. These things are generally just thrown around the room, but if you’re good about picking them up and finding a home they don’t look so large and cluttered and everything else in the room starts to look a whole lot better and a whole lot less like, well, clutter. You’ll definitely start feeling a lot better about how everything looks once you’ve gotten rid of some of those things.

7. Get After the Extras

Okay, so all the trash is gone. All the things you don’t want to keep are gone. All the clothes are put away and the large items are also put away. So what’s left? A lot of little things, right? So now it’s time to start looking through those things and finding spaces for them. You may find some that have obvious places or that you want to leave out somewhere to display to others. Either way, you want to start working on these items until you get down to the things you’re not sure what you’re going to do with.

8. Start Organizing

Get boxes, totes and other tools for organization and get started. You don’t want to leave things laying around everywhere, after all. You may find that some things just need to be put away in boxes that you can slide under the bed or in the bottom (or top) of the closet. No matter where you want to put those boxes, make sure that everything in them is organized (don’t just throw all your extra stuff in a box) and then put them neatly away where you can get to them as you want them.

9. Start the Cleaning

When it comes to tips for cleaning a messy bedroom, it wouldn’t be complete without having to actually start cleaning everything. Pull out the broom and dustpan, the dust cloths and sprays and definitely the vacuum and start your cleaning. You’re definitely going to want things to look and smell great, so getting started on this aspect of the cleaning is going to be extremely important to your overall look. You don’t want to put all that effort into trying to put things away only to have your room covered in dust or filled with dirt and other debris. So take a little time to get there.

10. Keep it Clean

This is definitely the hardest part of the tips for cleaning a messy bedroom process for most people. Keep your room clean by picking things up when you notice them on the floor instead of just leaving them where they are. Make sure that you are checking your room every couple days for anything that might have slipped in on you, and definitely take these tips for cleaning a messy bedroom to heart.


Just starting with these tips for cleaning a messy bedroom will get you off to a great start and you’ll be on your way to being proud of your room in no time.

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