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Over the past year, the idea of insulating your home has been thrust into the public consciousness thanks to the Insulate Britain protests, which have occurred over the past year or so. It has been made evident that home insulation is key to making your home more sustainable and energy-efficient.

But unfortunately, insulating your home with new double-glazed windows and cavity insulation can be costly and unaffordable to the average person. So for many people, adding insulation to their home is, unfortunately, an inaccessible way to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Fear not, though, there are ways you can bolster your home’s insulation without having to spend a lot of money, so we’ll be looking at ways you can improve the heat efficiency of your home to lower your home’s heating needs and make your lifestyle more sustainable.

Insulate Pipes With Foam

First off, one area of heat loss that people often don’t consider is their hot water pipes for radiators. If your room is cold, your pipes will be as well, which can lead to losing heat through the water.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this; you can insulate your pipes at home by using foam tubes from any hardware store. With these foam tubes wrapped around your pipes, they will be less susceptible to heat loss; because of this, you can run your heating at a lower temperature and receive the same healing benefits.

Stock Up On Draught Excluders

If you have draughty areas in your home, you’re likely losing heat and letting cold air seep into your home. This fact is not beneficial for your home’s efficiency or your heating bills. So you’ll want to identify any draughty spots in your home.

Once you’ve identified draughty areas in your home, you should stock up on some draught excluders and place them in your draughty areas. This will help stop hot air flowing out and cold air flowing into your home, which should help keep your home warmer for longer.

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Insulate Windows With Thermal Blinds

Windows can significantly reduce heat in your home when you don’t have new double-glazed windows. In this case, the condition is not ideal if you want to keep heating costs down.

One of the cheaper ways to insulate your windows is to swap out your old curtains or blinds for a set of new thermal blinds, which is a far more affordable option than replacing your windows but will still notably increase the heat efficiency of your home.

If you follow these three tips, you’ll notice an increase in the efficiency of your home. It will also keep your heating bills down, making your home more sustainable and environment-friendly.


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