Tips In Using A Timeline Creator For Your Plant's Progress

Self-sufficient plant owners love to learn new ideas in taking care of their plants. You can use one approach to have a timeline creator for your plant’s progress. You can have one if you are sure you will take care of the schedule needed on this tool. A timeline creator shows your plant’s growth over a certain period, and it will be beneficial for you to compare the current state of development with the past.

A timeline creator is an excellent tool to know how your plants grow over a certain period. Using this tool also gives satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that your plants grow following what has been planned out on the timeline.

Here are some of the tips you can follow when using a timeline creator for your plant’s progress:

1. Look For A Clear Plastic Backed Paper

When choosing a paper to make a timeline, you should choose one with clear plastic-backed pages or picture mounting sheets. It will be easy to write on the timeline during your plant’s growth stages.

2. Use Permanent Marker In Creating Timeline

To have a clean look at your timeline, you need to use permanent markers in writing your notes. You may also consider using color-coded tags to be able to see certain things easier when comparing them with each other. You can also use different colors for labeling your plants.

3. Include The Date

You can make the timeline maker more effective by including the date you will perform specific procedures. This action will help you determine whether or not that growth took place with ease or difficulty. Also, there are things that you might have forgotten about if you only follow a timeline without the date.

Tips In Using A Timeline Creator For Your Plant's Progress 2

4. Make Different Phases For Your Timeline Template

To keep things organized, you need to make different timelines for your plants depending on the type of growth. For instance, when your plants start sprouting, create a timeline that will only include the details that come into play when your plants grow.

5. Include The Stage Of Life For Each Plant

It is best to create one detailed plan for each plant based on its stages of life or growth. The plan will also help you distinguish what needs to be done depending on the growth stage of your plant.

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6. Measure The Growth In Terms Of Weeks Or Months

Instead of using time measurements in days, it is best to use weeks or months when making a timeline for your plants’ growth process. If you include the time in days, it will be hard to tell the difference between one week and another week, so you are better off using weeks or months.

You may also track your plant’s growth by measuring its height over time. Head over to Venngage to use their graph maker.

7. Include The Photos Of Your Plants On Their Stages Of Life

It is best to include the photos of your plants for each growth stage that you have set in creating a timeline. You should also note whether your plant grew taller, shorter, skinnier, or fatter. You can also include seasonal photos of your plants to keep the timeline alive.

Tips In Using A Timeline Creator For Your Plant's Progress 1


8. Make A Color-Coded Chart Of The Growth Process

To make your timeline more detailed, you need to color-code the phase that performs specific tasks on each plant. This step will help you determine what needs to get done quickly when a problem needs to be solved.

9. Make Sure You Memorize The Process

Memorizing the steps of growing your plants will help you become more efficient when it comes time to take care of them. Making a timeline is not enough if you do not memorize what you put on their timelines, so make sure that your memory skills match the timeline you create.

10. Make Timeline Templates To Share With Others

If you want to show off your plant growing skills to others, it is best to make a copy of the timeline and share it with them. This action will help them understand how well they are taking care of their plants.


A timeline is a valuable tool in growing plants. You can use it on your day-to-day task or for the growth of your plants. To make things easier, you should consider making one and create different timelines depending on each plant’s growth phase to know what exactly needs to be done based on the specific stage of their lives. Also, you should memorize the process of taking care of your plants to know what to do when it comes time to solve a problem. Working with timelines is an effective way to improve your skills as a plant grower.

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