Having A good night sleep

When we mention about sleep, people often talk about the quality of their sleeping hours rather than counting how many hours you spend for it every day. In fact, the experience and feeling that people feel when waking up in the morning will evaluate on how well you sleep.

If you did not sleep enough, people would find it difficult to have an energetic day as well as focus effectively on their daily schedule.

To solve this problem, the solution can be found in improving your daily routines and lifestyle. In this article, there will be 10 common tips individuals can base on to enhance the quality of sleep, balance your emotional state and especially provide full energy for a hard-working day.


1. Provide Some Smelly And Comfortable Scent

According to some researches, a scent is one element which can help you get to sleep easier. However, nowadays you can find various types of scent for a room in the market, then you need to define which one brings the comfortable feeling and which one can make you stay awake during the whole night.

Commonly, Lavender is the sweet scent which not only helps you sleep better but also releases the stressful thoughts away after a hard day.

2. Stay Away From Electrical Technology

kindle in bed

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In fact, the body of human secrets one natural hormone called melatonin – it is controlled by the light exposure to adjust your cycle of sleeping. Obviously, when the sky is getting dark, your brain tends to secrete more melatonin which makes you sleepy. For people who have not known about this fact, they will be unaware using light and electrical technologies are the common elements that can lessen the quality of your sleep.

Keep in mind some tips below so maintain the melatonin for your sleep:

  • Try not to watch TV at night. Besides the fact that your brain will lessen the melatonin, there are lots of channels make individuals feel more excited rather than relaxing and falling as sleep. Instead of watching TV, it would be better if you listen to music or audio book.
  • Turn off the screen for smartphone and iPad roughly 1 -2 hours before going to bed. Since the blue light from those stuffs can affect intensely to the quality of your sleep, you can use technologies with a small screen or decreasing the level of brightness.
  • “If you are using the state-of-the-art technology with their own energetic light, just download the software at stereopsis.com/flux. It gradually dims your screen at sundown, shifting your monitor’s colors to warmer red hues.” - Colin Gray, a time-management coach in London, England.
  • Take advantage of e-reader. If you are a book lover, you can now find lots of devices for reading books in the market. For example, Kindle Fire or iPad is the ideal choices when designed without their own light resources.
  • For those who often wake up during the night, you can consider using one small flashlight for your bathroom or the walking path inside the house.

3.Practice Exercises Regularly

Practice Exercises Regularly

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The most common benefit from exercises is that it helps to feel more energetic and better during the daytime. As a result, practicing exercises regularly is one ideal method for avoiding insomnia and increasing the quantity of hours spent in sleeping every night.

When mentioning about the elder people, they often spend time practicing exercises in the morning and in the evening. However, you just need to practice low-intensity activities at night. The more you do exercises, the more benefits you receive for the long term process.

We know it will take you a lot of time to build this habit, but try to be patient and focus on what you want to achieve. You sure you will satisfy with the result later.

4. Purchase The Right Pillow

Choose the right pillow for good night sleep

In fact, one high-quality pillow plays an important role in maintaining the quality of your sleep. According to the Sleep Council, having one pillow when sleeping helps individuals get rid of the health problems related to your head, neck and spine.

  • If you are a back-sleeper, use one firm and strong pillow.
  • If you are a side-sleeper, it is better to have one soft pillow designed in the medium shape.
  • If you are a stomach-sleeper, then you need to use a soft and flat pillow.

5. Invest In A High-Quality Mattress

High-Quality Mattress

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Besides the good pillow, it is also important when having one firm and soft mattress. According to Andrew Hecht, MD, orthopedic surgeon of spine surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center, individuals often interest in one mattress which is not too soft or too hard.

According to some researches, people often prefer sleeping in the hotel because its mattress brings the suitable comfortable and cleanness when using. Otherwise, you can go to the mattress showroom and try on your own. There are companies allow you to try and refund when returning it back.

6. Have A Balanced Eating Schedule

Actually, there are various elements which can affect perfectly to your sleep, especially the things you eat every day and before bedtime.

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  • Avoid drinking coffee – For some people who have to finish their work after getting back home, then caffeine is the common drink people often use for staying focus. However, it can make you find it difficult to sleep up to 10 hours.
  • Stay away from alcohol - Although taking a nightcap will help you relax intensely, alcohol can affect badly to your cycle of sleeping when you are out for drinking with friends.
  • Avoid drinking too much – Obviously, when you drink too much water, it will make you find it hard to go to bed since people have to go to the toilet every day.
  • Have a slight snack when you are hungry at night – if you are following the healthy eating diet, you will be advised to eat less at night. Therefore, try eating too much about two hours before bed. In addition, you should avoid spicy or acidic foods because it can cause heartburn and stomach trouble.

7. Take More Supplement

Nowadays, there is a wide range of supplement for individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To illustrate, you can find supplements for improving your skin, inside body, your bones. And finding one type of suitable supplement for increasing the quality of your sleep is not an exception.

In terms of good sleep, calcium and magnesium are two common ingredients which bring effective benefits for your health.

Mentioning about the function:

magnesium foods
  • Magnesium: Among those ingredients, it is known as the ‘nature’s tranquiliser’. With the aim to relax the muscular parts and release the annoyed thoughts in your mind, this is one ideal ingredient for those who often get stress and find it hard to sleep.
  • Calcium: Calcium is one common element available in various types of food including figs, oats and Brazil nuts or vegetables. Just need to provide them in the daily diet to boost your sleep quality.

8. Release The Stressful Thoughts

Do you often find it hard to sleep during the nights? For people who have spent time working very hard, suffering from stress and anger are two common elements which prevent people from sleeping effectively.

If you are suffering from chronic anxiety, then it is necessary to live positively and figure out all the challenges throughout the lifetime. One common activity we will suggest for you is to count the sleep, one effective method for reducing anxiety during the night.

If you are worried about work and study at school, then why don’t make a balanced schedule for every activity during the day? For difficulties at school, don’t hesitate to ask friends or lecturer for a great solution for all of this.

9. Create Some Small Habits To Get Into Sleep Easier

Create Some Small Habits To Get Into Sleep Easier

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Instead of thinking and remembering the methods, why don’t create some habits so that you will feel sleepy easily when the night comes.

  • Take a bath with warm water, avoid cold water since it just makes you become cold and more awake
  • Read a book or some meaningful magazine with the low-brightness light
  • Listen to some music (it can be instrumental or R&B greens)
  • Think about the plans for all activities in the following day
  • Do some low-intensity such as stretches, meditation or yoga

10. Limit The Sleeping Hours During Daytime

For people who have to work very hard during the day, they tend to sleep whenever they can help the brain relax and release all the stressful thoughts. In fact, nap during the day can have a great impact which can lead to insomnia or low quality of sleep. Therefore, if you have the habit of sleeping at daytime, try to limit to 1 hour and keep it during mid-noon.

If you are the type of people who often work at night, try to make a detailed schedule for your working time.


Overall, there are 10 tips which are valuable and useful to help you maintain a better and high-quality sleep. In fact, there are various elements which can prevent you from having a great night. So, just consider some methods above and be patient to improve the quality of your life.


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