Use Essential Oil Diffusers for Your Good Night Sleep

A lot of people don’t get adequate sleep and this means they wake up tired and spend the next day akin to a zombie. A good night’s sleep is a must to recharge your batteries every day. Your body should get the chance to rewire and recharge every 24 hours with decent domestic settings. Your home is a safe haven, your body is a temple that needs cleansing-resting every day and sleeping is an activity that you simply can’t miss, no matter how busy you are. Using essential oil diffusers often aids in better and deep sleep.

If research is to be believed, consistent and good sleep is great for the body. Sleeping more than or less than 7-8 hours can result in an increase of some risks for the body such as Diabetes, Cardiac Problems, etc. Quality and sound sleep are what counts for a healthy mind and a healthy body.


What’s The Relation Between The Brain And The Sleep?

Many researchers believe that the brain organizes and stores memories while sleeping and losing sleep can result in losing proper daytime functioning. Loss of sleep can trigger hormonal balance, weaker immune system, irregular appetite, etc. The body follows an internal clock that often syncs with the Sun and informs the body when to wake up and when to sleep. Irregular or loss of sleep can result in screwed up internal clocks.

Healthy sleep also equals good skin as cortisol secretion increases when the body is deprived of sleep due to stress. Higher levels of this stress hormone lead to internal stress and inflammation, resulting in a bad and itchy skin.

Irregular shifts, long working hours, excessive fast-food habits, pollution, sickness, etc. are the main reasons that result in disrupted sleep. But this doesn’t mean you can’t fix the problem.

How To Improve Your Sleep?

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Importance of Pillow For Your Sleep

Insufficient sleep is a big problem. A lot of people don’t get more than 4-5 hours of sleep and this is bad for their health. But you can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep with the below mentioned simple habits and changes in your lifestyle and daily activity.

  • No coffee, No cigarettes: Cutting back on caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants will surely help. Avoid caffeine within four-six hours of bedtime and try juices instead. Get rid of nicotine and booze for good and if you are trying to quit then limit your alcohol intake. This will definitely rectify your sleep patterns.
  • Good Food, Good Sleep: Follow a healthy diet and set up a schedule. Don’t eat too much but eat in small portions and make sure that you stick with your schedule. The latter will help your body work its internal clock and improve your automatic sleeping and waking up the habit.

Before you go to bed, say bye to your gadgets to avoid screen-time and try some essential oils and a relaxing bath with some amazing and calming blends.

5 Essential Oils to Help You Get the Good Night Sleep

Check out which oils and oil blends you can use to promote healthy sleeping habits in you:

1. Lavender:

Lavender is widely used in cosmetics and is an obvious choice. It belongs to the mint family and is famous for the right reasons. It has calming, sleep-inducing properties and helps in easing tension.

A study conducted in the United Kingdom revealed impressive and capable results in use of Lavender Oil’s aroma for improved sleep. Another study noticed that inhaling lavender and some other essential oils helped in a better sleep of 56 ICU Patients. It can be effectively used through a diffuser, bath salts, candles, sleep masks, massage oils, infused pillow, etc.

2. Roman Chamomile:

Filled with a floral aroma and renowned for its soothing properties, Roman Chamomile is perfect for a good night’s sleep. This oil can be used through a diffuser or you could just apply a couple of drops at the bottom of your feet for better sleep.

Make sure that you dilute it in the carrier oil before using it on your feet. You can mix few drops with your shampoo or your moisturizer and let your skin get the benefits.

3. The DIY Roman Chamomile Mix:

Everything you need:

  • ¼ cup organic coconut oil
  • ¼ cup beeswax

Mix while heating the mixture. Cool it and then add 15 drops of Roman chamomile and lavender oil equally. And, your homemade roman chamomile and lavender sleep blend are ready to use.

4. Cedarwood:

Cedarwood has a warm, woody scent which grounds and calms you in a natural way. It also results in amazing sleep, thanks to its calming properties. Cedarwood has amazing anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antiseptic properties that make it among the top used essential oils. But its use in sleep blends is even more effective, owing to its relaxing and comforting properties.

What Cedarwood does is that it stimulates the pineal gland which secretes melatonin which is further important for sleep regulation. The woody aroma will send you for a cozy and warm cup of tea as you snuggle with your most comfortable pillow. For feasible use, it can be used in a diffuser.

You can directly apply a couple of drops mixed in the carrier oil on your wrists or on your forehead.

5. Orange

If anxiety is the reason behind your tossing and turning at night then Orange essential oil might be of use to you. All Citrus oils have one thing in common; they are uplifting which is why they are frequently used for countering depression.

What everyone should remember while using citrus oils is that they may trigger photosensitivity on exposure to light within 12 hours of use thus they are only suitable for night.

The oil can be used in a diffuser for a perfectly cozy and warm sleep. Using it with the carrier oil is another way of using it as you can apply it on your abdomen or mix it with a relaxing skin cream by using coconut oil. How? The process is easy.

Add ½ cup of coconut oil with 15 drops of orange and use it with your moisturizer or relaxing cream. Use before going to bed for better and deep sleep.

6. Bergamot:

Bergamot is actually a citrus fruit and its oil is derived through cold pressing from rind or the peel. A number of citrus oils such as grapefruit, wild orange, etc have a healthy, stimulating effect but Bergamot is dissimilar. It has a calming effect and perfect for a sleep blend. It blends really well with Cedarwood, lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang etc.

7. Vetiver:

Vetiver essential oil is collected from the roots of its plant making it rich and earthy smelling. When blended with lavender or roman chamomile, it gives out an even better and relaxing aroma.


Using diffusers will help you optimally use the essential oils which contain concentrated extracts of calming botanicals. By adding these blends to your sleep routine, your body will develop a healthy cycle and improve your sleeping habits. You can also add an exercise routine to your evening schedule as it will give twice as many benefits. First, your cardiac health will get better and then your body’s activity will improve the sleep cycle.

In addition to the blends, you can also make dietary changes for better sleep. So these were some of the essential oil blends that you can use. If you are in a mood to enjoy a relaxing night, try diffusers for sure.


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