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Backyard decks can significantly add value to your property, give your place characters and enhance the landscape. Having a deck is more fun than having an indoor pool or spa and can be enjoyed year-round. One major factor to consider when building backyard decks is what type of material will work best? Wood is prevalent, and many people choose to build their deck with wood, but we should consider several suggestions before starting the project.

Materials to Consider Before Starting To Build Your Deck

#1. Hardwood

hardwood for making backyard decks

Hardwood deck boards are the most common choice for backyard decks. They offer durability and stability. Hardwood decks are also easy to maintain. Depending on the climate you live in, the type and amount of wood may dictate how often the deck is needed. For example, cedar decking has the lowest tendency to splinter when it is in contact with moisture, so it is a good choice for those who want eco-friendly and sustainable materials. However, cedar wood takes decades to grow, and it can be expensive. 

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#2. Concrete

concrete for building a backyard deck

We can build decks with concrete blocks, but this will not last as long if you live in a humid climate and may crack and decay over time. There are also varying degrees of maintenance required for floating decks. Concrete blocks are easy to clean up, but they do not float and must be topped off periodically. There are different types of decking to choose from, so the homeowner will have to consider how often they use the patio or backyard decks and what kind of maintenance is required.

#3. Metal

Metal decks can also be an attractive option for backyard decks, and they do not need much maintenance. They are solid and durable, and slippery if they get wet, but a general tirade is an excellent option. Tivadek is a type of composite lumber that offers the strength of wood and the durability of metal. It comes in various attractive colors and is highly resistant to rotting, cracking, splintering, and warping.

#4. Aluminum & Vinyl

Aluminum and vinyl are two other options that are available for backyard decks. We can use the aluminum floating deck in areas where it snows because it is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. This type of deck also has the advantage of withstanding the elements, including wind and rain. Vinyl is another option for floating backyard decks because it is a durable material that requires no maintenance. The one drawback to using vinyl as a material is that it can typically only handle outdoor use.

Backyard Deck Designs

pool backyard deck

For those homeowners who are more of a decorator, there is the option of having backyard decks that a professional deck designer designs. These designs are beautiful, and the cost is slightly higher than other types of decking. The benefit of these decks is that several features can customize them for your sense of style. Some decks feature balustrading, trellis, and glass panels, while others feature more traditional materials like cedar and stone. The price of these decks will vary depending on details like customization, design, etc.


Numerous brands make composite deck boards that are suitable for use in backyard decks. This material is made from recycled products and offers the same durability as wood. GTA Decks is the best decking company in Toronto that provides tirade options specially engineered to handle the stresses and strain placed on composite deck boards. These torsade options are specifically manufactured to resist impact, decay, and moisture. They are also resistant to termites, which is a common problem with wooden deck boards.

Final Words

With so many different materials available for backyard decks, homeowners have a lot of choices. In addition to choosing between vinyl and aluminum or wooden decking materials, homeowners will need to select a color, pattern, stain, or finish. These decisions will impact the overall appeal of their backyard decks. They can even determine whether or not they will have to invest in added decorations such as benches, flower boxes, planters, and trellises. With a little bit of research, homeowners can find what they want. No matter what type of backyard decks that a homeowner chooses, they should enjoy them for many years to come.


  1. My husband and I are thinking of getting a deck built outback and aren’t sure of what material to use. We were considering getting aluminum but we’re worried it may rust outside. Your suggestion for vinyl decking seems to be the best choice there is. The way it’s low maintenance and can give us a lot of options with design is perfect for us since we want to be able to go a bit creative with our deck design without having to spend a lot on maintaining it.


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