What Do You Need To Know About Plumbing The Garden?

Plumbing is one of those household systems that we take for granted. We turn on a faucet and water – hot and cold – and use it to fill a bath, wash dishes, and much more. Your washing machine uses the plumbing system, as does the dishwasher, and your internal domestic plumbing also feeds your bathroom.

An example of an experienced plumber Arvada Co is a great place to look if you need plumbing solutions or ideas. In the following article, we will be looking at plumbing inside the house and for the garden. Why would you want plumbing in the garden? Is it a DIY job? And what tips can we provide that might make the job easier? We’ll also look at the possible benefits of engaging the services of professionals to handle your outdoor plumbing.

So, let’s begin by considering the reasons for plumbing the garden.

Why Plumb the Garden?


Why would you want plumbing in the garden? It’s a good question so let’s start with the very basics. If you have a garden with flowers or vegetables, you must water them regularly, especially in the warmer months. Ideally, the hose pipe will take care of the work. You may also need a sprinkler to keep your lawn and flower beds watered.

It is a simple task for Lex’s plumbing – or DIY confident – to run a pipe from the internal water system to the outside and conveniently fit the tap on a wall or stand. The outdoor faucet is the basic outside plumbing. However, there are more reasons you may want plumbing in the garden.

It is well-known that gardening is good for physical and mental health and getting your mind out in the fresh air. If you are growing older, however, all that watering may become a chore. Hence you could install an irrigation system. A simple set of pipes and hoses with dispersal points at various places throughout the garden will enable you to keep your flower beds, vegetables, and lawn watered correctly.

You may need outdoor plumbing if you have an ornamental pond, particularly a fountain, waterfall, or other water feature. You should have the tools and the knowledge for this simple job. Then there is the popular addition of a hot tub requiring plumbing to be helpful, which can be quite specialist. Or you may want to install a swimming pool, in which case you need the professionals as doing so requires excellent expertise.

So, we’ll move on to some tips and assume you are looking for basic to medium plumbing for your garden.

Why Plumb the Garden

Tips on Plumbing the Garden

It takes some effort to keep a lawn watered in some parts of the USA, and having an irrigation system in the garden can be a great help. However, care needs to be taken if you put plumbing in the park, especially if you think of doing it yourself. Here are a few tips we came up with that should help you achieve your goal more easily:

  • Know what is underneath your garden. Don’t start digging unless you are sure there are no mains systems near the surface that you could damage. The professionals will have surveying equipment that will give them a clear indication of what is down there.
  • Make sure you have planning permission, especially if undertaking a significant project like a swimming pool. Many areas prohibit this so that you could make an expensive mistake.
  • Take care to research the proper methods and materials to use. Some pipes are better for underground use than others, and your local gardening store will help you make the right choice.
  • If installing a hot tub, ensure you have a good base for it as they are cumbersome when complete.
  • Consider having a professional plumbing services provider do the job if you are undertaking anything other than a simple installation. Let’s talk about why getting someone else to deal with your outdoor plumbing might be sensible.

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Should I Use Professionals?

Unless you are installing a simple tap or a hose connection, we strongly advise you to seek the services of professional plumbers. Here’s why:

  • A professional plumbing service provider will have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the results you want and deserve.
  • They will use the right tools, methods, and best-quality materials to ensure the job meets a high standard.
  • You will get a fully warranted job far beyond even your best DIY efforts.
  • They will not cut corners and will install the plumbing required most efficiently and effectively.
  • The plumbing company will be fully insured for damage and accidents, not a DIY installation.

You will find many businesses willing to quote any garden plumbing you want, and you should talk to a few about their work and experience and ask to see previous jobs they have completed. You may even ask the property owner if you can see the results and their opinion of the plumbing contractors.

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Whether you want a hot tub, a single tap, or an irrigation system, it makes sense to get a quote from a local and professional plumbing company – or, in fact, more than one. Choose the company you feel comfortable with, which gives you the most reason to trust them and enjoy your garden.


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