Smoking leaves a bad odor hence a need to have an efficient smoke eliminator. What do you need to know about smoke eaters? Read more on how they get rid of the smoke.

We all love a comfortable and clean indoor environment. But at the rate at which air gets polluted every day, it may become a bit hard to maintain clean air. To do away with the vaping smell, you will require a smoke eater for vaping that works efficiently to guarantee quality air.


Smoke eaters are critical, for they go a long way in improving the air around you, whether at home or in businesses. These devices have become a necessity because of their efficiency and incredible performance. But what do you need to know about smoke eaters? There is a lot to learn about smoke eaters, but the point is they improve the environment.

What Do You Need To Know About Smoke Eaters?

Smoke eaters are not new devices, yet you may have heard about them and don’t know how they function. So, what do you need to know about smoke eaters? If you want to do away with tobacco smoke from your home or any other place, you will need a smoke eater. This is a device that works to eliminate unpurified air allowing for clean air in a specified place. Smoking at home leaves a lingering smell that can only be eliminated through a smoke eater.

If you run a vape shop or cigar bar, you will require a system that eliminates smoke. With such a smoke removal system, you will create a clean indoor environment that protects your workers. That is how you will keep more customers coming, which is good for business. You must invest in the best smoke eater for your home or business if you are keen on having a pleasant environment.

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Smoke Eater Options

The market offers various kinds of smoke eaters that can suit multiple places. If you are running a business, you will require a specific smoke eater, which will be different from the one used at home. Let us have a look at the various smoke eaters;

#1. Home Smoke Eaters

Smoke eaters have been designed not only for commercial use but also for home. You can find a well-sized home smoke eater that keeps your family protected from lingering odor. With this device, you are not in any danger of possessing the effects associated with smoke. A home smoke eater is for residential use; hence it does not come in a big size.


It’s smaller for it’s designed to clean a single room. You can choose to have this device installed into your ventilation system if you are an avid smoker. This will guarantee quality air regardless of your smoking habits.

#2. Electronic Smoke Eaters

This specific unit is designed to work by trapping airborne smoke, pollutant particles present in smoke, and bad odors. Once it traps them, it gives them a charge. This electronic smoke eater has collection cells that pull the charged particles into a carbon after-filter, which works efficiently to remove odors. For this unit to function, it doesn’t require replacement filters; it is that efficient. You will be amazed by this device that traps up to 97% of airborne contaminants any time the air goes through them.

#3. Commercial Smoke Eaters

When you decide to open a business that will attract smokers, you have to consider having a commercial smoke eater. You should choose a unit with a capacity to handle the huge number of smokers who will come strolling in.  A commercial smoke eater will be ideal for nightclubs, vape shops, cigar lounges, and hookah bars. Any other type of business entertaining any other form of smoking should have this smoke eater.

#4. Media Smoke Eaters

A cigar club will require a media smoke eater. It works by attracting smoke in a filter and by doing that eliminates the bad smoke smell. This is a smoke eater that performs exceptionally well and requires no maintenance. Their performance is exceptional, the reason why they are quite popular in the market.


#5. Flush Mount Smoke Eaters

Another option is one that has the capacity to blend perfectly into the environment, which is the flush mount smoke eaters. Normally it is installed flush with either the wall or ceiling, depending on personal preference. You will require the right size so that it fits perfectly during installation.

#6. Concealed Smoke Eaters

This is a smoke eater installed out of sight. This is usually done in places where aesthetics is vital. As such, the smoke eater cannot be placed in visible areas. You can choose to have this unit concealed behind a wall, in the basement, or right above the ceiling. They will maintain quality air throughout, making everyone happy.

Now that you understand the various types of smoke eaters, you are well informed about their functionality. Hence, if you are keen on keeping your customers happy, this device is critical. Purified air is quite critical, not forgetting how it ensures that your health is well taken care of. A smoke eater is an essential device that comes with immense benefits. For years, smoke eaters have been used for industrial purposes, for they work excellently in purifying the air in big indoor spaces.

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Final thought

What do you need to know about smoke eaters? As we have discussed, smoke eaters are used to purifying the air. There is a lot to know about smoke eaters and how they function. The bottom line is that they are a necessity either at home or in places that attract smoke.

When you invest in the best smoke eaters, you will not have to deal with hazardous particles present in the air. It filters out all the pollutants leaving the air clean and fresh. Smoke eaters have been gaining popularity over the years due to their efficiency, making them an excellent investment.


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