For most people, artificial turf is superior to natural grass. In drought areas, artificial turf enables homeowners to preserve a beautiful lawn without worrying about breaching water restrictions or their local Homeowners Association’s landscaping guidelines. So, what is artificial turf? Let’s find out in this article!

What is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is a material made of synthetic fibers that resemble natural grass. People produce artificial turf with the same process they use to make carpets. 

Nowadays, new artificial grass has brown thatches to make it look like a natural grass lawn, thanks to modern technologies.

You have probably seen artificial grass in many places. Maybe it’s your neighbor’s backyard, a nearby stadium, or outside of a commercial property. You can’t distinguish between the real and the artificial one at your first glance.

Advantages of Installing Artificial Turf

Artificial grass has many advantages compared to natural grass; here are a few suggestions:

#1. No Need For Regular Caring Process 

Maintaining natural grass takes some time to finish. It also requires some basic understanding of gardening so that you can do a good job. If you play grass sports, a good job is not enough. You need your grass to be perfect, and it costs a great deal of time. 

Saying artificial turf doesn’t need maintenance is not entirely true. However, it will save you tons of time because you won’t have to do it weekly, monthly even annually. In my own opinion, there is a majority of artificial turf that doesn’t need maintenance after two years. 

Artificial lawns don’t need to weed, mow, or trim the edges. The turf will remain green, lush, and free of toxins. You can save precious time doing grass work for other things you love. 

You won’t need to buy harmful herbicides, pesticides, or harsh fertilizers. The turf doesn’t spread or grow. Not only will it be environment-friendly, but it can also save you money.  

#2. Easy To Install

You can install artificial grass almost anywhere: on soil, concrete, cement, or tile. It also suits many themes like pools, cafeterias, outdoor bars, and children’s playgrounds. 

It’s not so hard to install artificial turf because people manage to do it independently. Depending on your time, you should hire professionals as it comes with artificial turf. 

#3. Affordable & Cost-Efficiency

Artificial turf is cost-efficiency considering the long-term value. As mentioned above, consider all the money you’ll save on fertilizers, garden tools, and water. Moreover, you also manage to save a lot of time doing the grass work. You can check out Southern Turf Co. Artificial Turf Austin, as they provide good services for supplying and installing the artificial turf. 

#4. A Great Look

Most people can’t tell the difference between natural and synthetic grass. Even artificial grass has a more appealing look. You won’t have to watch your lawn turning brown when fall and winter arrive. Homeowners can enjoy a green and lush lawn without worrying about unsightly brown spots or fading. 

Walking on natural grass can result in ruts or bare spots in lawns and gardens. On the other hand, artificial turf is highly durable and can withstand constant walking pressure. If you install it correctly, the turf blades will bounce back and stay upright.

Are There Any Drawbacks For Artificial Turf? 

Yes, there are several drawbacks to mention. 


#1. For A True Gardener, It’s Cheating

That’s right. Some keen gardeners speak their opinion. No fresh, natural feel of real grass with the enjoyment of cutting green grass every weekend is something missing in their life. Someone might take it uneasy and see it as a negative point. 

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#2. Not So Easy To Install 

Especially for high-quality turf, you need a professional to install it precisely. All services that provide high-quality turf always come along with professional installation. The total cost will be a bit high initially, but in the long-term, like discussed in the advantages part, it’s often cheaper by minimizing maintenance cost. 

#3. Catch Hot Heat Quickly

Artificial turf is not a pretty good application during summertime. Though it will not result in any burn to general skin (sensitive skin might), you should not let children play on synthetic grass in daylight. You can use sand to keep the turf cooler, but it’s terrible on rainy days. Spray the grass with water and bring a good pair of footwear could be helpful.

#4. Not A Friendly Environment Impact

You know that these synthetic fibers’ production generates chemical wastes, which are harmful if not dealt with properly. However, some good manufacturers pay attention to this process and improve their methods to match specific environmental criteria.

Installing artificial turf might interfere with your garden’s biodiversity. Plants, worms, flowers, or seeds can’t grow on plastic. Nevertheless, you can plant flowers/ shrubs around your plastic lawn to enrich the habitat. It would help if you mixed the natural and human-made style to create balanced harmony in your garden.

A Few Final Words

Listed above are plenty of benefits & drawbacks of artificial turf. If you want to make a change to your backyard, artificial turf is an option. I hope this article provides you enough information about this type of synthetic grass to make a better decision. 

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  1. Thinking of using this in my backyard since I don’t have a green thumb, but after reading the cons I’m having second thoughts. Thanks for sharing this info 🙂


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