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A roofed one-story structure built for workshops, hobbies, allotment, or backyard gardening purposes is called a shed. They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually constructed from simple materials such as vinyl or PVC, plastic, and wood. They can be classified by material, roof style, architectural designs, and use. These shall form the basis of our discussion in this article. We will then consider some common uses these are put to.

Sheds By Materials

Often, storage sheds are named by their type of material. Let us consider some common storage types.

  • Metal: Metal-based provide safe storage and are suitable for rain-prone or industrial areas. As the name suggests, they are made of steel or aluminum, are low-cost, and are durable. They can be recycled, easy to clean and care for, and environmentally friendly.
  • PVC: PVC-based, or vinyl, is best suited for small storage needs and is not recommended for harsh weather conditions or heavy equipment. They are versatile, moisture- and rot-resistant, and customizable.
  • Wood: Because of wood’s ability to blend well with various designs and its ease of customization, it is mainly used for backyard sheds. However, due to its susceptibility to rot, mold, and termites, it requires high maintenance.

Sheds by Roof Styles

Choices can also be made based on roof styles. Check here for comprehensive information on roof styles and pictures. However, examining a few examples based on this categorization will suffice here.

  • Lean-to sheds (Pic 1) are carport ones with slanted roofs used for multipurpose farm buildings and covering large vehicles.
  • Gables or A-frames (Pic 2) are the most popular and readily available in many shapes, sizes, and materials. It is simple, and the gentle slope style provides excellent weather protection and helps prevent rain and heavy snow from accumulating.
  • Gambrels (Pic 3) have steep, sloppy roofs resembling old-fashioned barns and are popular among those who like a country-style look. They can be a powerful addition to farmhouses.
  • Flat Roofs (Pic 4) are simplistic, cheap, and easy-to-build with a flat, no-slope roof. This type is not suitable for areas with heavy rain or snow.

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Sheds by Architectural Designs

These types are named after architectural home designs and are becoming popular with the normalization of working from home.

  • The ‘Victorian’ Design: Consider this a gable shed with an A-framed roof style with added features and customizations. Comparatively, it is an expensive and attractive high-end style.
  • The ‘New England’ Design: It is a miniature version of the traditional home design, offering plenty of storage space and visual appeal.
  • The ‘Modern’ Design: These are popular home offices, workshops, and studio options. They are “HGTV-inspired” ones with large doors and windows to let in sunlight and other interior designs and customizations.
  • The Barn-style Sheds: These sheds mimic the appearance of traditional barns, featuring a high-pitched roof, often with a loft area for additional storage. They are versatile and can be used for storage, workshops, or even small animal shelters.

Others in this category include saltbox, quaker, and craftsman designs.

Shed Styles by Use

At other times, classification is done after their use and functionality. Based on this, here are some popular types:

  • Tool Shed: As the name implies, it safely organizes all maintenance and yard tools. This type of shed helps to free up space in your house—the basement or garage.
  • Greenhouse Shed: Gardeners use it primarily to nurture plants all year. Please note that it is essential for greenhouse sheds to have large windows to allow for sunlight and good ventilation.
  • Garden Shed: This provides a designated space for storing seeds, fertilizers, pots, and gardening supplies. It is distinct from a greenhouse shed that holds growing plants.
  • Potting Sheds: Potting sheds are specialized garden sheds for potting plants, starting seeds, and other gardening tasks. They typically have workbenches, storage for pots and gardening supplies, and good ventilation.
  • Playhouse Sheds: Playhouse sheds are designed for children and can serve as a play area or a mini retreat in the backyard. They often include features like windows, a porch, and child-safe finishes.

Other use-based types are garage-shed hybrids, studios, and firewood storage ones.

What Do We Commonly Use Sheds For?

It is crucial to determine your style and use before settling for one. Below are some of the uses it can be put to.

  • Gardening-related work: This choice is most suitable for homeowners who need more storage space for their plantsgardening equipment, or fertilizer. In this case, a backyard shed will be fine since it is durable and does not take up much space.
  • Workshop: Homeowners or other people sometimes need an additional outdoor shed to serve as a workshop to conduct simple business activities. In designing this, ensure you make adequate provision for windows and electricity. You can visit Colonial Barns for expert advice to help you customize the project to your specifications.
  • Storage: Sometimes, homeowners require more storage space to keep their items, such as lawnmowers or equipment they do not have an immediate need for. In deciding the size of your construction, the quantity of items intended for it is a prime factor.
  • Office: This option suits many people who work from home and need a comfortable and cost-effective office space. Also, the need for a serene environment devoid of distraction from children and other family members makes this alternative even more compelling.


So, a shed is a cozy one-story building we often see in backyards or gardens. People use them for all sorts of things like hobbies, gardening, or even as a workshop. While many sheds are made of wood because it’s easy to customize, there are also metal and PVC ones. Whether you’re looking to store your garden tools, have an extra office, or have a spot for your car, sheds are a super handy solution that can make life easier and more organized.

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