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Caring for a hot tub can be straightforward and creative without much hassle. You don’t need to spend a lot or put in excessive effort. Regular upkeep, like water testing, adding chemicals, and cleaning, is essential for safety. However, is it hard to maintain a hot tub? There are easy tips to make it quicker and more effective. Learning how to maintain a hot tub makes soaking in it more enjoyable. Here are some hints to keep it in top shape for relaxing anytime.

Is It Hard To Maintain A Hot Tub?

Maintaining a hot tub involves regular water testingfiltration maintenancecleaningcover careoccasional water changesmonitoring energy costs, and ensuring safety. So, it doesn’t have to be hard, but hiring a professional service is always an option. Many people still find it manageable and even enjoyable. Simplify the process with a self-cleaning or automated hot tub, and consider occasional professional servicing for efficiency. I will list more easy ways to manage this in the next section!

Helpful Hints and Hacks for Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean 

All our grandmas advise on secrets to feeling better or ideas on fixing this and that. Believe it or not, some “hacks” and a few shortcuts can be used for hot tub maintenance with a lasting effect, affordable price point, and minimal effort, allowing you to enjoy soaking more. While these might be a slightly faster way, they still maintain that adequate care and upkeep of your spa are essential for optimum health and safety. It should be done with consistency and diligence. Contact a hot tub service professional for guidance if you need help with a particular method. 

Learn how to use a hot tub here properly: and then consider the following suggestions often used effectively for hot tub maintenance. 

Tip #1: Tennis balls and sponges

Beauty products, contaminants, and pests finding their way into the spa water can be battled when you let tennis balls or sponges float under the cover when the system isn’t in use. Oils, in particular, tend to stay near the surface with these objects absorbing them.

That keeps the water clean, almost as a backup to the filter, leaving it to work less stressfully in keeping the tub clean. If you always have a few on hand, toss these items in the water, cover the spa, and that maintenance session is done.

Tip #2: Pantyhose has another purpose

Nylon pantyhose can be incorporated when it’s time to drain the hot tub and refill the water. The hose will prevent particles from reentering the filtration system. These can be stretched over the return inlets. The thin but firm material will capture tiny pieces of debris as it moves through. The water is left free of debris, and the filtration system will have minimal work to do in the process. 

Tip #3: Have a timer by your side

Not many people enjoy waiting for their hot tub to fill up. This is a common reason for an overflow mishap, which is bad for hot tub maintenance because it can damage the area around the tub, mess up the water chemistry, waste water and energy. To avoid the risk of an overflow mishap, set a timer when you start the filling process to remind yourself to check on it. It’s best not to wander off and forget about it while doing something else. To make things easier in the future, time the first refill as a reference point and use it for subsequent refills. This will help you save time and potential damage to your hot tub.

Tip #4: Bring hair ties and hats to the party

Keeping these items near the spa as part of maintenance might seem odd, but it’s beneficial for keeping the water clean. Sometimes, people won’t shower before getting in, and even if they do, they might not rinse off hair products properly. Creams, gels, and oily products can dirty the water, clogging the filter system and creating a film on the surface. You can ask those who haven’t shampooed to wear a cap or tie up their hair to prevent these products from getting into the water. This way, the water stays clean. For more tips on using a hot tub safely, visit this link.

Tip #5: Cleaning the hot tub cover 

This might not be a quick trick, but it’s a must-do that some may overlook: cleaning the underside of the spa cover. Some assume it’s automatically sanitized by being over the hot water with chemicals steaming it. However, part of routine maintenance involves cleaning the cover occasionally. If you neglect it, the moisture can create a musty smell and even lead to mold or mildew. To prevent this, using one part bleach and nine parts water to clean the underside every couple of months is recommended, ensuring a longer lifespan for your cover. A gentle solution and water should be used for the top side exposed to debris and dirt. A clean cover lasts longer and keeps your hot tub looking well-maintained.

Final Thought 

There are plenty of great ways to keep your hot tub in tip-top shape, and it doesn’t have to feel like a chore. In fact, you can make it easier, quicker, and more effective while still giving your hot tub the care it deserves. I hope the tips in this article is helpful enough. Let me know if there is anything missing! 

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