Top 10 Places You’re Forgetting To Clean In Your House

When it comes to home cleanliness you always want to be aware of each and every single place to be cleaned. Personally, I want to make my house as clean as possible. But sometimes I realize that there are some places I always forget to clean and that make my house a bit unhygienic. I am sure some of you are also facing this problem so here I am with the list of top 10 places you always forget to clean. Read these items carefully and add to your cleaning schedule so that you never forget to clean those places again.


Here’re Top 10 Places You’re Forgetting To Clean In Your House

1. Curtains

The first thing that comes to my mind is the beautiful curtains of your home. Curtains cover windows and doors, the places from where most of the dust comes inside the home. Curtains prevent dust and while doing this they become dirty.

We assume that this part of the house does not require frequent cleaning as the other parts needs. This is just your assumption as the curtains also require frequent cleaning. Most of the curtains are machine-washable on the other hand some require special cleaning. You can soak them before washing in Luke warm water.

2. Ceiling Fans

It feels very messy to clean ceiling fans. You might have to use a ladder or some stool to clean it if you do not have any vacuum cleaner with some special attached equipment to clean the ceiling fans. Ceiling fans gather a lot of dust.

If you do not clean them on regular basis, a thick layer of dust and that has to be cleaned. One of the easiest tricks is to put a pillowcase over the fan blade and wiping the dust off inside of the pillowcase. Do the same with every blade and make your fan dust free.

3. Underside Furniture

You always clean the floor your home that is visible. But you do not clean the underside of the furniture like bed or sofa on a regular basis. Go to the actual deep side under your furniture as this place would defiantly have a layer of dust.

Small spaces like under the fridge or inside the oven can collect lot amount of dust, dirt and even food. Clean the under area of your fridge by pulling your fridge out and use a cleaning brush and vacuum, then wipe down the walls, floor and all sides of the refrigerator. Do it with other appliances as well.

4. Behind The Toilets

Toilets are one of the top most important places in your house which need to be clean properly. But most of the time, you forget to clean behind the toilet. While cleaning the bathroom you should clean and wipe the area behind the toilet.

You should clean this area twice or thrice in a month to keep your toilet hygienic and free from germs. Many high-quality toilet cleaners are available nowadays in the market for different purposes.You can try separate and different cleaners for your bathroom like floor cleaners, tile cleaners and lots more.

5. Dishwasher

This is a myth that you do not need to clean the dishwasher as its main function is to clean. But the main filter basket inside the dishwasher needs to be cleaned at least two-three times in a month. This basket is located at the very bottom of the dishwasher.

Besides this, the side area of the dishwasher also needs your attention. This is the area where the door meets the washer when closed. This area is easy to clean manually. Dishwasher needs to be clean properly as it has a responsibility to clean your dishes.

6. Indoor Plants

If you are a plant lover or you placed some silk plants inside your home then you need to be attentive towards them. They can accumulate dust over their leaves. So if the plants are natural then you should clean them while watering them and if the plants are artificial then you can clean them with a wet cloth in order to clean them.

You can use a hair dryer to remove the dust to clean it. Plants are a natural beauty and thus they are supposed to look beautiful. If your plant contains dust then the flowers on it would not create the magic.

7. Inside the Washing Machine

A washing machine is washing your clothes with surf so it does not require to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is hard to believe but it is true that it gets dirty with the time. Cleaning the washing machine is really very easy and by just sparing a few couples of minutes you can get rid of the dirtiness of the machine.

Clean the machine with cleaning brush from all the side walls to the base would be great. You can use baking soda to make it more neat and clean.

8. Blinds

Blinds gather a lot of dust and can be very dirty. You can use brush and vacuum to make them clean. Blind is something that gets noticed very easily but does not get a cleaning therapy regularly. A simple cloth would also work to clean the blinds.

Keeping them clean twice in a month will always give them a new look. You can use a dry or rubber sponge to make them clean. Numbers of cleaner are available in the market you can go for. Just spray a little amount of cleaner on the blinds and rub it with a cloth.

9. Appliances

This could be any appliances in your home like under or over your fridge, inside your oven anywhere. If you have kids at home then you have to be more attentive for the cleaning of these places. From the microwave to the appliances like dishwasher you always forget to clean these places until it is a routine cleaning before any festival or in holidays.

In order to keep your appliances clean and tidy, you should clean them on a regular basis like once in 15 days. Even your cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners also need to get clean.

10. Couches and Mattresses

You might be thinking that your bed and couch are neat and clean but this place has the invisible dust as they grab the dust particle inside them. Mattresses and couches are not meant to be changed frequently at home and that is why to keep them maintained for a long time you need to make them clean through a nice vacuum cleaner.

If you have children at home then you might get some things while cleaning as most of the children hide the things in the couch. Clean the cushions through vacuum and shampooing them after few years would be a great idea even.


I hope the above list would be a great help while cleaning your house. You always forget some places to clean and realize later that the place you left is getting notices. This is a common problem and the above points would be helpful for you. So I recommend you to cross check the list before start cleaning the house.

I hope I have covered all the 10 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean in the above article but if you think that any other point can be added then your fruitful suggestions are always welcome. We are waiting for your feedbacks so do not hesitate to contact us. Keep visiting us for more interesting life hacks to make your life easier.


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