7 Crazy-Simple Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good

Make Your Home Smell Good

Luxury is incomplete without the aroma. When it comes to your home, a good aroma is a very important thing that you should consider. According to aromatherapy, the best way to input positivity in you is to have a scented environment around you. It is not as easy as you might think.

So, if you don’t have much of an idea on how to make your home smell good, here are 7 things to make your home smell fantastic.

1. Reed Diffuser

Candles are great when you want your home smell good. But the biggest issue with candles is that you can’t leave them burning always. So, here comes the Reed diffuser into action. A reed diffuser can really be handy for places of your home where you want good smell. They absorb the oil and then release a continuous supply of good smell.

Unlike candles, you don’t really have to keep an eye on the diffuser for any collateral damage. You can also make your own diffuser at home rather than buying an expensive one from the market. Just add the combination of a few oils that you want in a bottle and put 3-4 straws in it. You save a whole lot of money and you also have an aromatic environment.

2. Citrus Room Fresheners

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Citrus fruits have a Vitamin C as the key ingredient. They have a different smell, but all of them are energetic nonetheless. So a homemade room freshener made with citrus fruits can fill your mind with positivity. You will also be inhaling Vitamin C which is a plus. So, if you have a sprayer somewhere in your home, you can fill it up with the juice of citrus fruits like Oranges and lemons.

The aroma will create a positive environment. Since the spray is a citrus based formula, you are likely to avoid most of the seasonal diseases like cold, fever and cough. It will also increase your immunity and remove toxins from your blood due to the presence of the antioxidants. So make you home smell good and have a healthy self altogether.

3. Scented Wax Bars

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After reading the heading, most of you must be thinking that why I didn’t think of that. Well, it doesn’t really matter since you have the idea to yourself anyway. If you use candles in your home, then don’t waste the wax residue. Instead, collect them and melt them.

After they are in the liquid state, mix some scented oils or simply put scented herbs in it. Boil the mixture for a little longer. Put the mixture in a container with a fine rope with one end of the rope a little outside the container.

Allow the mixture to cool down and you have your own scented wax bars or bar-shaped candles. They will catch the eye uniquely and will also have scented effect on your home. Isn’t that a creative way to make your home smell good? No need to thank me.

4. Homemade Air Freshener

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There are certain combinations that can really hike up the environment and also kick those bacteria out of the house. One such combination is the rosemary and lemon freshener. This homemade aromatic works best for small areas like your bathroom or office. Not only it will fill you up good and positive smell, it is also anti-bacterial. The best part about the combo is that doesn’t include any harsh chemicals.

So, you don’t have to worry about any side-effects. This is also a great remedy if you are a freelancer and working from home. You are likely to get bored after working for some time. If you can make your home smell good or at least the place where you work, it is sure to increase your productivity.

6. Lemon-Lavender Candles

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Lemon and Lavender already sounds fantastic. Now what you need to do is to make a lavender paste and combine it with lemon juice (you can also use orange juice if you like). After the paste is complete, warm that paste and wax to get a perfect mixture (use porcelain bowl for best results.)

Now clean the insides of a lemon or orange and if you want, you can be a little creative in your approach by changing the shape. Pour the mixture gently into the shell of the lemon and let it dry and become solid. Don’t forget to put a fine rope inside with one end firmly outside the shell.

When you light that up, you will see that your home will start smelling exceptionally good and you will be in a light and happy mood instantly.

7. Regular Cleaning

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Regular cleaning is the best way to keep your home in a good shape and also to make it smell good. You can’t afford to do anything if you don’t have clean premises. The first thing that you should consider is to have a regular dusting the entire house, taking the garbage out regularly, ventilate the house and wipe the floor with phenyl or equivalent.

You should also consider cleaning those corners if you live in a humid region. After a good cleanup session, you can practically apply any of the above tips. If you are not cleaning it on a regular basis, you will not find any remedies working. So to make your home smell good, you have to clean your home first.


After a long tiring day, you don’t really feel good if your home is not fresh and positive. Having a decent smell that suits you is very important. It will not only make you positive but you can also see the world in a new way. I hope you like my list of the 7 things that can make your home smell fantastic. Do share your views in the comment section. If you think that the information is worth it, share it with others to spread the word. Thank you for reading.

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