how to unclog a bathroom sink naturally
A plumber using plunger in bathroom sink.

A clogged bathroom sink can become a disaster if you cannot drain the water in the sink. After being used for a while, the pipe can be clogged by some blockages. You need to be equipped with some tips to solve this household problem. How to unclog a bathroom sink naturally? It’s possible to remove clots in the drain.

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There are 2 main methods you can apply to remove dirty marks in the pipe.

Manual Power

1. Use a plunger

Have you ever used a plunger to unclog your toilet? A plunger is often used to unclog the toilet. It also can unclog a bathroom sink easily too. Of course, you should buy a new plunger to solve the problem of the sink. Just to ensure that you use a clean plunger to unclog the sink.

  • Place the plunger into the drain opening. In case you have a double sink, you should plug the drain that you don’t plunger to have the full suction.
  • Pump the plunger up and down many times until the clog is loos.
  • Continue to move the plunger up and down within 1 minute. Then check if water can flow down the sink. If water cannot flow, you continue to pump the plunger up and down many times

2. Use a wire coat hanger

  • What can you do with a wire coat hanger? You need to change the structure of the wire coat hanger. Bend it into a straight stick with a curved hook at one end. Pass the hook through the pipe. Spin it to remove or damage any clot.
  • You can push the wire down the drain. If you feel that the wire touches something, move the wire up and down. Move it side to side to make it stick to the clot. When the clot sticks to the wire, you pull up the hook. The clot in the drain goes outside with the hook.
  • If the hook does not touch anything, maybe the clot is in a lower position. In case, you have to use another tool.

3. Use a drain snake

Have you ever heard about this piece of equipment? This is a long metal cable having a coil or auger at one end. It’s a useful cleaning tool helping you unclog the drain of a bathroom sink or other devices.

use a drain snake

You can buy it in a convenience store or hardware store. It’s not hard to purchase one drain snake. Remember to buy one drain snake that is suitable with the length of your drain.

  • Bring the drain snake down slowly until you feel that it touches something. Be careful if your water pipe is old and dusty. The drain snake can break the pipe.
  • When the drain snake touches the clot, you need to spin the cable 3-4 times clockwise, pull up a little. If something stops your drain snake, maybe it is stuck with a clog. You must revolve the drain snake and break the clot into small pieces. Then, pull up the cable. Remove clod in the coil of the drain snake.
  • Check the water flow. If water flows slowly or doesn’t flow, you need to repeat the above process. If water flows quickly, let water flow for 5 minutes to wash all clots in the drain.

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Natural Products

1. Use natural drain cleaner

How about a drain cleaner that is from natural materials? You can use an enzyme-based cleaner that can assist you to unclog the drain. This enzyme-based cleaner destroys biofilm, so it’s the best choice to make hair, soap, and grease decompose.

Environment – friendly cleaners are supposed to be the best solution for small clots. Nevertheless, they cannot remove big clots.

2. Use vinegar and baking soda method

Person Putting The Baking Soda On Drain In The Washbasin
Person putting the baking soda on drain in the washbasin.

The mixture of vinegar and baking soda probably unclogs a clogged bathroom sink. It dissolves clots to unclog the drain. One of the big weaknesses of this method is that baking soda is harmful to the surface of the metal pipe. Because baking soda corrodes metal, don’t use this mixture for clogged metallic pipes.

  • Pour half a glass of baking soda down the pipe. You can use a funnel to pour baking soda and avoid spillage.
  • Pour half a glass of distilled white vinegar.  Let the mixture bubble and fizz for 15 minutes. After that, wash the pipe with hot water.

3. Use hydroperoxide solution

  • Use one cup of hydroperoxide for one liter of water. Pour the solution down the drain and wait for 20-30 minutes. Then wash the pipe with hot water.
  • You should be careful when using hydroperoxide because it can burn your skin at a certain concentration.
  • Don’t use hydroperoxide solution if you try baking soda before.

Watch this video to learn some tips:


  1. Don’t pour grease or oils into the drain.
  2. Use garbage disposal or drain screen. A drain screen can collect hair strokes.
  3. In case you use all methods you know, but the bathroom sink drain still is clogged, you should ask for professional help. You’d better call for a plumber. He has knowledge, technique, and experienced with special tools. He can solve the issue for sure.

Note: You tell him chemical products you used so that he avoids the negative chemical reaction.

Wrap It Up

It’s not difficult to know how to unclog a bathroom sink naturally. You can read techniques right in this article. Methods are easy to adopt. You need some tools and materials to make cleaning solutions.

Hope pieces of advice can give you a helping hand. Unclog the bathroom sink pipe and keep the water flow swiftly.


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