How many hours do you spend per day inside your kitchen? A kitchen is a place where you share many cozy family moments. Therefore, the interior of the kitchen plays an essential part in keeping such vibes. Speaking of kitchen interior design, one thing that can improve it significantly is kitchen wall art decor. In this article, I want to tell you about the seven ideas I have for kitchen wall art decor, which might be some fantastic suggestions for you. 

#1. Choose Food Inspired Wall Prints

If you want to decorate the kitchen, you can hang food-inspired wall pictures in your cooking area. While choosing wall art, make sure that it reflects your family member’s taste and matches the kitchen interior.


You can display a framed handwritten recipe from your grandma or mother on the kitchen wall. Kitchen wall art should be something you’re comfortable around.

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#2. Choose A Proper Position

Some people hang wall pictures too high above the average human eyesight. It does not look pleasant to the eyes. Moreover, the distance between kitchen utensils and wall arts is sometimes very close. It would be best to display those pictures/ paintings near the breakfast table, not close to any utensils or equipment.


You can also consider placing wall art over the upper cabinets if the ceiling has a sufficient height. This way, your wall art will stand out and be noticeable.

#3. The Color of The Kitchen

The critical element of color coordination is to prevent the scheme from feeling overwhelmed. You can choose one dominant color to ensure that all of the art pieces on the kitchen walls will complement each other.


Wall décor and color scheme make a bond, so choose wall arts that perfectly match your kitchen walls. 

#4. Choose Wall Art Frames Wisely

You should not ignore the selection of frames for kitchen wall art. If your kitchen wall now is a painting, a wall art frame needs to be a refined touch.


The frame shows your style, whether it’s vintage-style or monochromatic. If there is no idea at the moment, you can take a look at this Pinterest Pinboard for a lot of picture ideas. 

#5. Keep Hanging Wall Art Away From The Cooking Section

Avoid hanging delicate artwork near the cooking section as the artwork will absorb heat and moisture. You can choose ceramic art or fabric art as they are resistible to kitchen temperature. Always use wall paintings with colors that will not melt in the kitchen.

#6. Balance the Scales

If you plan to hang different artwork pieces in the kitchen, it is essential to treat those pieces as one. By this, you can achieve a balanced look and can create an attractive gallery wall.

You must ensure that the pieces you choose to hang are not too large or not too small. First, check the available wall space in the kitchen and then accordingly choose the wall art size. 


Keep in mind that it should not overshadow the wall area or look too small on a large wall. If you plan to hang multiple art pieces in a group, place the smaller pieces at the upper right, more significant bits at the bottom left, and place mid-sized pieces between both. You can go 2-5 inch space between each piece to arrange them correctly on the wall.

#7. Focus on the Kitchen Style

Always choose wall art that matches the style of your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen design is rustic, then go for rustic frames. Or, if your kitchen style is minimalist, then consider selecting minimalist wall prints. 


This factor will enhance the interior in many ways and can complete the look of your cooking area. Choose modern wall art to decorate your kitchen on less budget. 

Why is Wall Art So Important in The Kitchen? 

Nowadays, the open kitchen concept is in trend, and guests can easily see your cooking area from the living space. So, it would help if you decorated your kitchen with your style. 

Wall art is a cost-effective way to spice up any space, including the kitchen. Further, the cooking area’s art pieces can set your mood and make the room more interesting. While hanging wall art, you must ensure you can easily clean the wall art you choose for the kitchen.

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Final Words

Wall art makes your kitchen more enjoyable. It creates a focal point to the kitchen and reflects your personality. While hanging the wall art, make sure that it matches the kitchen’s theme, and it should be pleasing to the eyes as you will see it every day.

You should hang wall art at the correct position and proper scale to add an appropriate touch of art to your kitchen. It is crucial to choose art pieces with appropriate sizes for the kitchen walls that are easy to clean and do not retain too much grease. Thank you for reading our article about 7 tips for kitchen wall art decor! Hope to see you around in the near future!


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