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Some tree care jobs are just too big, too complicated, or too dangerous to be done by you alone, without professional help. While you could prune a short tree on your own, the moment you realize you’ll have to get off the ground for something to be done, you should hire experts. Working at any height is risky if you don’t have the right skills or the right equipment to get it done perfectly.

Anyway, here are some tree care tips to take into account:

Have you realized that you need professional tree care services? Well, it’s good that you’ve identified that need immediately and haven’t tried to tamper around things alone, risking getting injured. Hiring professionals will make this process much safer and result in the best possible outcome you were hoping for when it comes to those trees.

You’ll get excellent quality services. But only, of course, if you hire a great tree care company in your area. Hiring randomly and without doing any research could result in disappointment. And, since that’s different from what you want, you should do your best to choose the perfect tree care company in your area. I’ll share some tips on how you can do that.

Tip 1: Create a List

Are you a fan of lists? Whatever the answer to that question, you must make one. Why? Because it will make your research much more organized. Whether you’re looking for tree removal, which you can learn more about on this page, or pruning or anything else, you should begin by making a list of potential firms to choose from.

How can you create a list, though? Few ways to do that. First, talk to your neighbors and anyone else you believe could give you some suggestions. Then, search for these companies online while adding the location to your search query. So, for instance, if you are looking for a tree care company in Martinsburg, West Virginia, you should remember to add those keywords to the search query, as that’s how you’ll get the most relevant results.

Tip2: Visit Official Sites (Credibility Check)

Having made your list, you’ll have to start doing more detailed research on the companies you’ve added. Starting with, of course, visiting their official websites, aiming at checking what specifically the firms you’re researching can offer you regarding tree services. While some could offer the full range of services, others could focus on specific processes. Whatever the case, you must check those official sites and slowly eliminate unsuitable firms from the list.

Tip 3: Certifications

If someone’s certified, it means they’ve learned the ins and outs of tree care. They’ve taken classes, passed tests, and proved they can handle tree work properly. So when you hire a certified person, you can feel confident they know what they’re doing. Plus, they’re usually up-to-date with the latest ways to care for trees and know how to work safely, which means less chance of something going wrong in your yard.

Only trust the certified service.

Another cool thing about certified tree folks is they’re often dedicated to doing the job right. Many certifications come with rules about being honest and fair. So, certified pros are more than just skilled. They’re also likely to be trustworthy. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a big name to look out for. If a tree person has an ISA certification, it’s a good sign they’re serious about their work. In short, when picking someone to help with your trees, asking about certifications is an intelligent move. It’s a simple way to get someone who knows their stuff.

Tip 4: Insurance

When picking a tree care company, checking if they have insurance is essential. Why? Because working with trees can be tricky. Let’s say a big branch falls and breaks your fence while they’re working. If the company has liability insurance, they’ll cover the repair costs, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. On the other hand, if someone from their team gets hurt while working in your yard, things can get messy. But if the company has workers’ compensation, it’ll handle the medical bills, and you won’t get dragged into any issues.

Having a company with insurance also lets you relax. You know that if something goes wrong, it’ll be sorted without causing you a headache. Plus, if a company has insurance, it usually means they’re serious about their job and care about doing things correctly. So, before you say yes to a tree care company, ask them about their insurance. It’s a simple step that can save you a lot of trouble later on.

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Tip 5: Check Reviews

Reading any kinds of reviews written about the companies you’re considering will also be of great help. After all, from those reviews, you’ll get a clearer idea of which firms are being held in high regard and which might be better according to past clients. It goes without saying, of course, that you should always choose those highly reputable companies that past clients have great things to say about instead of going for firms that have many complaints attached to their services.

Tip 6: Have Interviews

Choosing without doing interviews is, naturally, not a good idea. Having narrowed down your list thanks to the above research steps, you should now contact the firms still on the list of potential hires. When you, for instance, contact TreeCareHQ Martinsburg or any other company, you should aim to ask all your questions – questions that the Internet might not have answered for you, such as the process of getting tree care services from start to finish.

Tip 7: Check Availability

Another thing you should inquire about during the interviews is the availability of the companies you’re considering. Depending on what you must have done on the trees, you may need urgent services or be ready to wait for a while. Whatever the case, checking availability is essential, and so is scheduling the services as soon as possible, as you don’t want to wait too long.

Tip 8: Get a Few Quotes

Getting quotes from a few different companies should also help you make up your mind and decide which one to hire. Of course, you shouldn’t decide based on those quotes alone. And yet, you shouldn’t ignore them either. You should compare all the info you’ve found, together with the quotes, and then make an informed decision on which tree care company to hire.

Tip 9: Avoid “Door-knockers”

Have you ever had someone knock on your door offering to fix or chop down trees, especially after a big storm? That’s what we call “door-knockers” in the tree care world. While some might be okay, it’s best to be careful. Sometimes, these folks see a chance to make quick money after storms by helping homeowners with tree damage. They might ask for cash upfront and then do a rushed job, or worse, take the money and run. Plus, since they’re just knocking on doors, they may need to learn what they’re doing regarding trees.

Also, these door-knockers might push you to make quick decisions, trying to get you to say yes on the spot. They often won’t give you a written agreement, so you’re in a tough spot if something goes wrong. Another big thing? They might not have insurance. You could be on the hook if someone gets hurt while working on your tree. So, even though it might seem convenient, it’s often better to go with a tree care company you’ve researched and trust instead of someone who shows up at your door.

Final Words

Picking the right tree care company is about more than just who’s cheapest or closest. It’s about making sure your trees get the best care possible. Look for companies with good experience, the proper insurance, and good reviews. Avoid folks who knock on your door offering quick fixes. Trees are a big part of your home’s look and value. By choosing a good company, you’re ensuring your trees stay healthy, and your yard looks great. So, do some homework, ask questions, and pick the best fit for your trees.


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