how to clean earring holes

Ear piercings are a popular accessory for everyone. People love them, but you need to pierce before putting on a pair of ear piercings. Though they’re popular and relatively safe, it’s necessary to take care of your piercing to avoid any complications. Ear piercing doesn’t cause danger or harm your health, but it still can create complications. How to clean earring holes? This is an important part to avoid getting a dangerous infection. You will find some tips to clean your new ear piercings and maintain them once they have healed in this article.

Clean New Piercings

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap to remove all bacteria. You have to make sure that your ears don’t access bacteria and dust during the cleaning process. You can prepare a bottle of hand sanitizer. It will be a savior in case you don’t have soap or water. You can use some hand sanitizer to sterilize your fingers before cleaning your piercing holes.

Prepare a cleaning solution. Put a swab or cotton ball into the solution and take it out. Sea salt solution or isopropyl alcohol is a good choice. If you aren’t provided with sea salt solution or saline, you can create a solution by yourself. Pour 1/8th teaspoon of sea salt per 240ml of saline.

Clean the ear lobe with the cotton ball or swab two times per day to keep the area around your piercing clean.

  • Use a cotton ball or swab that is dipped into the cleaning solution.
  • Dab the swab around the piercing to get rid of germs.
  • Prepare a new swab and clean the back of the ear.
  • Need a new cotton ball or swab to clean the other side of the ear. Remember to use a new cotton ball or swab for each part of your ear.

Turn the earring posts. Spin a half turn in each direction. Gently hold the post between your fingers. Rotate it clockwise, then counterclockwise. You do this step to avoid the skin sticking to your piercing.

Use an antibiotic ointment. You need a new cotton swab to brush ointment on the post of the earrings, then rotate the earring. Make a half turn in each direction twice. You do this step to make an ointment layer to absorb the skin.

Cleaning your piercing daily is important. Clean them once or twice per day. Do it frequently. Timing is morning and bedtime each day. Turn it to your habit. It doesn’t take time and can prevent piercings from an infection.

Wear your earrings in almost of the time. Put off them for too long can cause make your piercings closed. After about six weeks you can remove your earrings for a while. However, you shouldn’t remove them too long because the piercings can close. Time to heal of parts is different. For example, it takes 4 months for a cartilage piercing to heal instead of 2. You put off piercings after they heal completely.

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Maintain Healthy Ear Piercings

How to clean earring holes? Please notice these tips. Put off your earrings on each night. This prevents your earrings from snagging while you’re sleeping. You only can remove them when they’re healed. The air will access your skin and keep ears healthy.

After taking out piercings, you have to clean it. Put a cotton swab into alcohol. Apply it over the piercings. It’s essential to do it every day since your piercings can avoid infection from germs.

Clean your ears with a cotton swab that is dipped in alcohol. Then apply ointment to ears. You can do this one time per month to keeps your ears away from infection. You clean not only piercing holes but also earrings.

Clean Infected Ear Piercings

The typical symptoms of an infection:

  • Feeling pain in and around the piercing area
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Yellowish or whitish gum

Clean earrings with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab because jewelry is the place where bacteria and germs gather. Clean your jewelry 2-3 times every day until your ears get over the infection. Apply antibiotic ointment to earrings. A small amount of ointment is enough. Apply ointment before you put the earrings back on. The medicine will stop the infection and heal your ear.

Ask for advice from a doctor if you don’t recover from the infection. You can cure the infection at home with cleaning and medicine. However, if it still develops, you need to consult a doctor to fight off it.

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9 tips to clean ear piercings

  1. Clean your piercings along with other daily hygiene habits.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Use a clean cotton ball or swab, dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  4. Dab the piercing.
  5. Clean the pierced area as soon as you take the piercing out.
  6. Don’t clean them in the bathroom.
  7. Don’t lie on the piercing area.
  8. Avoid applying any soap or cosmetics products in the piercing area.
  9. Keep an eye on any abnormal or discolored gum.


How to clean earring holes? It’s not difficult to clean them. You need to prepare cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, antibiotic ointment, and do it carefully and gently. This is very important to avoid infection and help ears to recover quickly.


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