Finding an ideal apartment is hard. However, it is so much more of a hassle when it is in Chicago. Is It Hard to Get Approved for an Apartment in Chicago? Yes, it is. There is a lot to look for and many issues to face. Not to mention, you will have to cost a lot to move around from place to place. Even after narrowing down your search to match your criteria, there can still be many problems. You also must remember that other tenants might take the cake just because they are a bit more prepared than you.

However, once you find your sweet home of yours, all these efforts may seem worth it. Chicago is a lovely city and can give you a fantastic life experience as you live here. So, let us look at some of the necessary steps you need to take to get approved for an apartment in Chicago quickly.

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Hiring an Apartment Locator

In case you don’t know, apartment locators are a trustworthy and affordable way to make your apartment hunting faster. They work smartly. Their narrowed-down list of apartments is usually the best apartment regarding your situation. By having some discussion with you, they can successfully find the apartment of your dream. Tenants brought by apartment locators are highly likely to be approved.


Having the Proper Credit Card

Having a credit card will help you to prove that you can pay the rental rate timely. Most landlords will not take a renter without a credit card. At this time, for almost everything you do regarding apartment renting, having a credit card will help greatly. It will make it easier for you to get approved.

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A Suitable Job

If you do not have a job that earns you enough to pay the rental rate, then the landlords won’t find it safe to make the lease with you. Before moving to the state, try to find a job within the same city you are moving to. You can ask your higher-ups to print out proofs that you work there to show it to the landlord. This way, apartment owners will find you trustworthy and approve the apartment renting. You can find various types of jobs in Chicago depending on your skills and degrees. Just try to apply for the ideal workplaces.

Enough Identification

Without identifying yourself properly, there is no way for the property owner to ensure that you are trustworthy enough. For this reason, you must bring your national identification card, passport, and car license. If you are married, bring a copy of your marriage certificate, just in case. Anything that proves your trustworthiness increases your chance of getting approved for an apartment.



Remember that you must prepare all these papers and licenses beforehand. If you hire an apartment locator, you may not have to do many of these tasks. But still, keeping them along is a wise idea. Creating proper communication with the landlords via phone calls even before you make the lease may help you too.


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