For selling a house as-is, it’s a little tricky to sell it fast with the best price. The main concern while selling fixer-uppers is the renovation, as most sellers are confused about whether to go for it. So how to sell your house fast with a maximum price? You are at the right place to look for some insightful tips. Let’s dive in! 

Considering The Price

The element that matters the most is the price. In this step, research is the key. Overpricing or underpricing is not a favorable circumstance for both sellers and buyers. 


The price must be feasible for both parties, depending on the location, the construction’s quality, and more. But, of course, you should keep the price a bit higher, as buyers would surely bargain. 

To know the right price for your property, you can look for recently sold properties in your area or consult a real estate agent. 

Hire A Photographer, Or You Better Take Good Photos

Taking high-quality photos can be a decisive factor in the promoting phase. For example, if you have taken excellent pictures of your house, then there is a good chance you will be able to sell your property fast.

The buyers will only visit your property if they like the visual look through photos. Therefore, professional pictures attract more buyers, and more buyers mean more offers. Hiring an experienced photographer can get you excellent shots of the property and entice more buyers. 

Should We Go for Renovation?

Partial renovation might be a good choice as it doesn’t need much time and money. Moreover, it is convenient for buyers as it allows them to change things according to their needs or preferences. But, on the other hand, it helps sellers by saving their time and money. You must decide on a budget for partial renovation and take care that it should not exceed.

You need to change your wall color, lighting fixtures, doorknobs, and handles. Along with these quick fixes, you must check the property’s plumbing system for possible water leaks. You can go with all minor issues whose cost is within your renovation budget.

What Do Buyers Look For In a House?

Every buyer is looking for a happy and comfy home with all the essential facilities with delicate greenery—a house with more windows that allows natural light to enter directly.


With this, buyers look for a house that’s accessible to their workplace, supermarkets, shops, or schools of their children. 

Five Tips To Sell Fast At Best Price

  • Awesome Interior and Exterior. A house with an up-to-mark interior and exterior sells much faster than one without it. A quality interior gives an elegant look to your home and adds more space and functionality, while a good surface provides you with stunning looks. 
  • Great Landscape Design. A creative landscape design gives you a perfect view and increases your property’s value.
  • Be Honest. If there are some issues in your house, you should let the buyer know. Honesty is the foundation of the deal. Once we establish trust between parties, the transaction goes smoothly. 
  • Don’t Get Emotionally Attached. Yes, don’t take this too seriously. I know the emotion you have with your house is a serious thing, but you should wipe out those feelings the moment you decide to sell it. Instead, You must think of yourself as a business person doing a deal from a financial perspective.
  • Good Convincing Skills. The person dealing with the buyer must have good convincing skills to prove to the buyer that this property is worth buying.

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Final Thoughts

Selling a fixer-upper is no uphill task if you follow the right strategy and tips mentioned above. Sundae will help you sell your fixer-upper fast and that too at the best price. In addition, decorating your home with plants and lights gives modern look to your home, improves air quality, and reduces stress. I wish you can sell your house fast at the best price after reading this article! 


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