How To Clean Up Your Overgrown Backyard

Mother nature has always been nice to humankind for so long. But if you forget what she gives just for a while, she’ll absolutely send some invaders to get the gift right back. This is like you used to have a neat and beautiful backyard but you forget to take care of it. Then, the messy brush, ugly shrubs, aggressive creepers or deadly weeds, … would unhesitatingly invade your landscape. That’s when the backyard overgrows. So, how to clean up your overgrown backyard? Here is the answer!


To show that if you have something to take care of, just pay enough leisure for it. Or else, you’ll have to deal with many things that cost even more time to fix. Here are something will happen if you don’t take care of your garden regularly:

  • Unaesthetic living space caused by messy plants.
  • Disquality of your life as losing space.
  • Disease carrying insects appealed by the thick weeds and brush.
  • And more …


It’s never too late to ask for “your gift” again as mother nature is so gorgeous. This moment is the absolute time to clean up the yard and build up a desired one for yourself. Below, we’ll show you the 4 steps on how to clean up your overgrown backyard:

Step 1: Take One Last Glance At Your Messy Yard


Let’s examine your backyard in great detail. Why? You need to figure out how severe the yard is invaded as well as what 1st action is necessary to take. Good and clear definition of how many shrubs and weeds you need to deal with. What kinds of them are there? Which way to remove can best suit your landscape? Where is the smartest position to start with? What tools you will need during the whole process? And well, a detailed schedule can help very much with your cleaning task.

This preparation will make your work really less time-consuming. Because the time spent on thinking what to do first and next are omitted considerably.

Tip: The task of making a “Tools-To-Have” list should be prioritized after defining what you have to do with your yard. This may consume your time to get a suitable tool through the Internet.

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To help facilitating this task, we have researched and made a collection of tools that a homeowner, or you, should have for cleaning your backyard:



This is the tool that you’ll find most useful during your cleaning process. Use both handy and long-handled pruner to cut down branches and stems in the overgrown yard.



This tool is really good at digging some hard thing under the ground such as big stuck rocks, trees’ deep roots,…

Long pole saw

long pole saw

Long-term abandoned backyard will probably produce some trees with overhead branches or thick brush and a long pole saw is one of the best choices for this problem.

Garden fork

garden fork

A hand fork or a digging fork is an essential tool to have you out with your yard’s lumpy soil. People use this to smash the lumps in huge areas before digging.

Rake and bin


Using a rake is faster to gather trash in your yard than a broom. And you need a bin as a “brand new home” for the dust, earth, debris and branches, … after cleaning. If your budget is not tight, a leaf vacuum is also a good idea. There are lots of models out there in the market, it’s not easy to choose the one that best fits your needs. Fortunately, some DIY guys have reviewed trustable models that won’t break your bank. Check out here!

Step 2: First Things To Remove: Thick Shrubs, Brush and Creepers

Thick shrubs and brush on the ground or creepers on your fence have to be removed first as they cover your yard the most now but quite easy to remove.

Pull the creepers out of the fence, use the pruner or saw to clear brush and shrubs, then put them all on the ground to where they used to sit before using the rake and bin. That process should be less time-consuming as you can focus on step by step.

Step 3: Omit Some Broken Things Left: Debris, Dust and Earth

Now your backyard shall be spacious after cleaning all of the shrubs. Things are quite easier now as you just have to remove the debris, leaves, branches or any broken material on the ground after the first cleaning.

Some last things to remove in step 3 are redundant dust and earth, following the debris. You can use a blower to gather them for easier omission.

Step 4: Build Up Your Desired Backyard

After considering all of your hard work, mother nature knows that you really loves and respect what she gives to you then of course she awards you with your old neat backyard.

It’s time to float your imagination into a heavenly place and get ready to turn your backyard into a desired one now.

If those steps bother you, get an expert to clean and check the wellness of your trees and backyard from Bedford garden and tree experts.


Cleaning an overgrown backyard which is invaded by mother nature army is not a really hard work if you follow all the steps you’ve just read through. Everything should be rewarded worthily. Just make a large move and enjoy your heavenly backyard that your really desire. We hope that our article about How To Clean Up Your Overgrown Backyard has just covered this topic. Thanks for paying a visit on our website!



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