Tips to Find the Best Self Propelled Push Mower for Small Yards

The yards of different sizes are in requirement of mowers of different types that are created with different designs specific for specific purposes and specific suitability to the lawns.

The small yard lawns are comparatively easy to maintain than the large lawns but this can be possible only with the right type of mowers that are specially assigned to cut grass on the small lawns.

The manufacturing companies are highly concerned of the need and therefore have been introducing different designs of lawn mowers for different types of lawns. It rests on the buyers to decide on their picks according to their special requirements.

The self propelled push lawn mower is one of the types of mowers that are suited to the purpose of grass cutting on the small yards and lawns. The self propelled lawn mower is highly preferred by the garden enthusiasts when it comes to the mowing of grass on a small to medium sized lawns.

Along with the push mower and the rotary mower, this variety of self propelled mower is also the one that has the immense capacity to deliver high volt cutting and mowing in small yards with swift flow felt by the users. The self propelled push mower is the one that rides with its self drawn power backed by its motor.

The users are required to push the mower from behind after switching on the button of start and then the mower keeps moving on its own which leaves the user free from the task of putting high amount of energy in pushing it except when it is required to change directions.

This variety of the self propelled push lawn mower is in extreme demand due to its characteristic sophistication that are every useful for the regular maintenance.

The buyers usually remain in search of the best pick of the self propelled push mower and in this process often land in confusion regarding the most suitable product to buy.

Here is a brief presentation of some of the notable points of tom look for or basic tips to follow while moving out to buy a self propelled push lawn mower

1. Check the Weight

The weight is a common fact to be looked at while looking for the best self propelled mower. This is important because of the push factor. Even if the mower is a self propelled one the user requires to keep pushing wherever required.

It is the factor that covers the highest zone of concern and should be checked properly before buying. This is required to be looked at carefully in terms of the users’ body weight and capacity.

An old person would not be fit to handle a mower of 60 pounds or more. Therefore an average and suitable weight of self propelled push mower should not be more than 60 pounds for easy and swift hovering over the grass.

2. See the Wheels

The wheel of the mower is another feature to be concerned of and as a tip one should be aware of the wheels that are attached to the mower. It is one of the special requirements in a lawn mower to give a complete look and design to it.

The wheel is a factor of concern because in rare cases sometimes the wheels in a mower do not come in proportion.

This means that the size of the rear wheels tend to be smaller than the front wheels. But the requirement of perfection is that a proportionate wheel pattern should be in a way where the front wheels are comparatively smaller than the rear ones and a mower tends to be perfectly workable only when it has proportionate wheels (front wheels smaller in size than the rear ones).

And in case of self propelled push lawn mower this factor of proportionate wheels is highly demanded considering the user needs to keep pushing the mower and if the wheels are inappropriately fixed it can be uncomfortable for the users to keep pushing

3. Power source

The power source of the mower is one of the requirements that need to be verified before purchasing it.

The self propelled lawn mowers come in unique variations of power sources. The power sources on which the self propelled mowers run are such as the batteries, electricity with cord and fuel (gasoline, oil).

Scrutinizing the power source of the mower is a smart tip to be followed while looking for the right pick. In terms of self propelled lawn mowers for small yards the varieties are such as the battery powered and electric corded that are seen mostly.

a) Battery powered

This comes out to be one of the popular variations that is preferred since the feature of battery orientation keeps the users away from the hassle of dealing with the cords and their limitation on extendibility

b) Electric corded

This one looks to be preferred less when it comes to the self propelled push mower since the users need to struggle with cord and its plugging to the electric point. But this variation has its advantage of being able to deliver consistent cutting without any worries of battery drainage and charging time.

Looks like that the users indeed need to be very careful in choosing if they consider the power source while keeping in view their specific requirements.

Look for the Push handle

When it comes to finding the proper self propelled push mower then the push handles turns out to be one of the major features.

A smart tip to look for the right one is to find one with the comfortable, strong and quality handle to last long. It requires being very sturdy since the mower’s pushing depends on it.


An important feature-oriented discussion is being made and now it rests upon the buyers to follow these simple tips regarding the features of a good self-propelled push lawn mower to have the best pick of it.


  1. Modern technology and design have created a manual push mower of superb quality and effectiveness. These mowers, also called “reel” mowers, due to the design of the blade movement, are the ultimate in eco friendly lawn care. It is a simple concept, you push, it mows.


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