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There are plenty of jobs that you do on your own, but specific issues with your pipes, sinks, or toilets need the help of a plumber. It is vital to fix minor plumbing issues before they turn into major catastrophes, so you should never put off making these kinds of repairs.

A small drip can lead to water damage in places you never imagined, and the more advanced the problem, the more expensive it is to fix. Take a look at the top ten reasons to call for plumbing services.

1. You Have No Water

One of the worst feelings in the world is waking up to find out that you have no water. There isn’t even a drip of it anywhere in the house. This is a sign that there is something wrong, and you need to call the plumbing service right away. Until your water is out, you may not realize how dependent you are on it for many different daily tasks. Not only do you need a plumber to get water back into your home, but you need to know what is happening to make it stop.

You could have hidden leaks, frozen pipes, or some other undiagnosed issue that is causing the water to be redirected or prevent it from entering your house. These types of problems can cause structural damage to your home, and they can be expensive if you don’t address them right away.

2. You Don’t Have Hot Water

Another time to call the plumber is when you have no hot water. Sometimes it may take time to get hot water, such as after a long, hot shower, but generally, your water should warm up when you turn it on. You should call for plumbing services if you aren’t getting hot water when needed.

If you don’t have hot water, you must find out what is happening. There are many different reasons that your hot water system might not work, and your plumber can help you troubleshoot the issue. Sometimes you will find that it is a minor issue, such as a pilot light that went out. You may learn that your hot water tank isn’t large enough for your needs, and a plumber can help you assess this situation.

3. You Notice Your Hot Water Heater Sweating

If you notice that your water heater is sweating, there must be a leak somewhere. You may see that the ground is damp around the water heater. Tiny cracks appear over time in pipes or the casing, eventually leading to severe problems. The best thing you can do is catch these problems when they first pop up.

Top 7 Reasons to Call for Plumbing Services

Look for any corrosion on the water heater or rusty spots on pipes around it. It would help if you also looked for a large puddle of water. If you notice anything such as this, call your plumbing service because they can investigate and find out what is wrong.

4. Your Water Pressure Is Low

Your water should have consistent pressure at all times of the day. If you find that your water pressure is too low, there could be a problem. You will want plumbing services to come out and look at the internal parts of your pipe system. If you only have this problem at one sink, you may have a clog. However, you need a plumber to come out if it is throughout the entire house.

For minor clogs, you can use a pipe cleaner or white vinegar. The problem is that low pressure often comes from a crack or break in your pipes. The pipe that has been compromised might be under the foundation or in the walls, and it is likely to leak every time you use it. Your plumber can diagnose the problem for you and tell you what to do.

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5. You Have Stubborn Clogs

People experience clogs from time to time, and they can happen anywhere in your house. Sometimes you can use a plunger to clear it, but if you can’t, you will want a plumber. You will also want to call the professionals if you have a regularly backs up drain.

All kinds of things get stuck in drains, but hair, grease buildup, and roots from outside are big problems. If you have a repeatedly clogging drain, you could have more severe pain. Whatever the problem is, it is likely that it is becoming more serious each time it backs up. It is essential to find out what is going on and take care of it.

6. You Have Dripping Faucets

You might be surprised to learn that a faucet that drips just ten times a minute loses close to 500 gallons of water each year. A dripping tap can often be fixed by tightening it, but it is easy to ignore it because it isn’t doing a lot of damage.

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However, steady drips come from a crack in the pipe or a part that isn’t installed correctly. You could also have pressure buildup that forces drip through. No matter what the concern is, you should call a plumber because you need to get it repaired before it turns into a big issue.

7. You Can Smell Sewage

There are times when a backup or a clog can smell bad, but if you notice that your house smells like raw sewage, you could have a severe problem. Trying to remove the clog can cause more significant issues, so you should wait until the plumber comes. They will check to see if your drain pipes are adequately ventilated, and they can check for other problems as well.

Walk around your property to find out if the smell is coming from inside of your home or outside near a drain. This is information you can share with the plumber when he arrives.


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