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Why should you consider the Aleko automatic doors? Sliding, hinged and revolving doors offer many ways to improve and ensure accessibility, safety, and comfort in any building. Sliding doors provide one-way or two-way opening with many styles and configurations. Apart from the safety and comfort, they are also suitable for entry, simply open and close to an airtight seal.

Sliding Door Mechanisms

We can integrate Aleko sliding door mechanisms into an ASSA ABLOY sliding door entry and adapt to a wide range of existing needs. Automate your entry in various configurations with the gate openers by Aleko; you can get online mechanisms.

Designing entrances for your business, operations, and facilities is easy, even when your existing doors are operational – regardless of brand. The modular composition of the ASSA ABLOY SL500 sliding doors facilitates flexibility in all aspects, allowing you to customize your entrances uniquely without compromising safety and sustainability.

The Robust & Reliable Mechanism For High-traffic Flows Automatic Sliding Doors

In high-traffic commercial and healthcare environments, the ASSA ABLOY SL500 sliding door mechanism is a reliable choice. The powerful yet smooth ASSA ABLOY SL500 mechanism can hold up to 2 door leaves with an individual weight of 200 kg or one entry with a particular weight of 240 kg and can be configured in multiple ways.

Like all ASSA ABLOY mechanisms, the ASSA ABLOY SL500 is easily operated by an intelligent touch screen located close to the door or at a remote location up to 500 meters away. Each mode selector can handle up to five-door available modes at the same time.

An Elegant Design

When entrance aesthetics are critical, for example, in glazed entrances in modern buildings, the ASSA ABLOY SL510 mechanism is a perfect choice. With a low height of 100mm, a silent opening and closing experience, it integrates with the surrounding area for an unobstructed impression while still delivering maximum performance.

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Maximum Opening Space Mechanism For Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors

In narrow aisles, or for small entrances that would benefit from a greater opening width, the ASSA ABLOY SL520 telescopic mechanism is a perfect choice. The ASSA ABLOY SL520 modular mechanism optimizes the maximum opening width for all inputs. It is available for two-leaf, two-leaf, and two-leaf one-way doors. It is also a unique solution to lock all individual door leaves simultaneously for maximum security.

All mechanisms can be a part of this automatic sliding door system. They are supplied completely assembled to the support beam, which guarantees the quality and facilitates the installation of the mechanism in a new building or a replacement installation.

Essential Performance With A High-quality Operator

For a sliding door operator who offers excellent precision and performance, the SL300 is perfectly designed to meet your needs. With ASSA ABLOY’s 50+ years of experience creating best-in-class automatic sliding doors, the SL300 is a bright candidate. This model is the combination of the most rigid materials available that outstand essential requirements.

The Aleko gate openers for indoor and outdoor environments are available in various sizes to fit different sliding doors. For added flexibility, the Aleko gate openers are available in a variety of formats. You can opt for the operator-only version, the mounting kit version, or the complete solution, which comes with fixed panels and door panels. You can also purchase an additional service and maintenance contract, which will give you access to regular checks and updates so that the door system you purchased can run better and longer, always in compliance with local regulations.

Safe, Secure, & Always Reliable

The world needs door systems that we can trust to keep people safe under all circumstances. With that mindset, the SL300 is programmed to operate smoothly at various speeds in any situation. In addition, the SL300 will immediately stop and open the door panels if there is any obstruction. And by ensuring your doors remain firmly closed when idle, the SL300 will avoid constant fluxes in indoor temperature. Additional security features include several extra security sensors to upgrade your door to higher security standards.

A Flexible Solution

Using and maintaining the SL300 is as simple as installing it. Why? SL300, for example, can adapt to various locations so that you can carry out operations without any outside assistance. The integrated control unit comes with dual microcontrollers that will help you manage your systems easily. Therefore, you have time to deal with problems and minimize the risk of downtime. We’ve also designed our door operator to work in near-complete silence for your comfort.

Final Words

Why should you consider the Aleko automatic doors? I hope we have answered this question thoroughly with all the bullet points above. Is there anything we miss? Let us know in the comment below!


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