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Crushing ice at home sounds very difficult to everyone, but actually, it’s not. You can easily crush ice at home if you have the right tool for this. And you know how to crush it properly. Many people buy crushed ice to make any mojito or ice-cold mint. Today I will discuss the easiest method to crush ice in a blender at home.

But before we start, let me clear one thing about crushed ice: you make it from large ice cubes. While some people consider it the same as nugget ice, it is different from nugget ice. Nugget ice has layers of flaked ice that are frozen together. Just like crushed ice, you can easily make nugget ice at home.

Choose The Best Blender For Crushing Ice

It would help if a blender smashed or crushed large ice cubes into smaller ones. Some blenders can make ice quite pleasing, which is helpful if you use crushed ice in your drinks. The less expensive blenders are constructed of plastic or glass, while the more expensive ones are stainless steel, which lasts far longer and is more immune to breaking than glass. It’s difficult for a higher-quality blender’s engine to be incapable of smashing ice.

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Firstly, you should determine the motor’s power, at least 400W, to blend ice thoroughly. Second, you can look for reviews of that particular model.

Step-by-step Guide To Crush Ice In A Blender

First of all, remove the ice from the refrigerator and set it on your kitchen counter for four to five minutes. Before attempting to crush ice, read the user handbook for your blender. You won’t be capable of utilizing it for its intended purpose if it can’t crush ice. Instead, you’ll wind up burning the engine by spinning the ice around in circles.

Step 1

In a blender, combine a couple of ice from the freezer and pick how much you want to use. Ensure that the ice in the container is not packed tightly. There must be enough room for the ice cubes to revolve within the blender.

It’ll work best if all ice cubes are pretty much the same size.

Step 2

Pulse the ice until it becomes the required size of crushed ice. Place the blender’s lid on tightly. Blend the ice in small bursts with the pulse button until no significant bits are left. If you don’t have a pulse button on your blender, use the maximum speed setting for short bursts.

Continue adding a small amount of water or juice to your ice cubes to make them smoother and more straightforward to extract. It will make it easier for the ice cubes to spin and prevent them from adhering together.

Step 3

To drain the extra water, pour the crushed ice into a strainer. Some of the ice will melt when the blender’s engine heats up. Pour it through a sieve to remove all but the ice, ensuring that your drinks are not watered down.

If you don’t have a filter, you can block the ice by placing something over the top of the blender, and then you can slowly pour the water out.

Step 4

Use the crushed ice immediately away, or put it in a freezer bag. Any leftover ice should be placed in a plastic, sealable freezer bag and stored in the freezer until needed. Because broken ice melts faster than larger chunks, try to mix your drinks as quickly as possible.

If you freeze crushed ice, some of it will most likely re-freeze. It will, however, be simple to disassemble it again by slamming it against the interior of the bag in which you store the ice.

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Few Tips To Get The Best Crushed Ice

  1. You might be able to break your ice by beginning with a slower speed and progressively increasing it. This aids in the formation of a swirl and simplifies the process.
  2. If you put too many ice cubes in your blender, the ice will be tightly packed that it will take a long to blend. Things need to bounce around, and this demands some container space.
  3. Softening the ice before crushing it will save you time. You can achieve it by leaving it out of the freezer for a while.

All these steps should follow one by one to get the best result.

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1. To smash ice, what sort of blender do I need?

Because shattering ice necessitates a lot of force, we need a blender with a powerful engine. 500 watts may be sufficient for a typical blender operation, ice-crushing power should be 1,000 to 1,500 watts or higher.

2. Is it possible to blend ice with a hand blender?

An immersion blender, also known as a stick blender or hand blender, can blend, pulp, and emulsify. A regular jar blender can handle more complex tasks like smashing ice, requiring more liquid to obtain smooth results.

3. Is crushed ice more durable than cubed ice?

The crushed ice melted faster than the cubes and the ball, as expected, due to its larger surface area, but, contrary, the cubed ice lasted longer than the ball.

4. Is It Bad for The Blender to Crush Ice?

Yes, it can. If the ice is large enough, it can create a snowball effect, clogging the machine’s moving parts. A little crushed ice shouldn’t be an issue if you’re using a regular kitchen blender.


Making nugget ice and crushing ice is very simple if you know the exact steps. Just like nugget ice, crushing ice can use for many purposes. Crushing ice in a powerful blender achieves a fine consistency ideal for smoothies and drinks; this method immediately exposes more frozen surfaces. So, you should know how to crush it at home and which type of blender you should use for this purpose.


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