Two popular choices with many homeowners these days are steel and wooden garage doors. The following sections will explain how the different options affect your home’s curb appeal. Both wooden and steel doors come in a wide range of styles, looks, and sizes, which look elegant and beautiful. But when it comes to Steel garage doors vs. wood: Which is better in which case?

If you’re looking to revamp your garage’s appearance with Capital Garage Door Ottawa and add value to your home, a wooden door is probably the right choice, though the benefits don’t stop there. Both wood and steel came with their unique advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden Garage Doors – Always Reliable


If it’s about aesthetics, you should get the best value from purchasing overhead doors made of wood. Here are some of the reasons why they are better than the usual steel or aluminum-made garage doors:

  • Wood material – Custom wood doors are very durable. They are more robust and less prone to damage than regular doors of other materials. Aside from that, these doors are also aesthetically pleasing. As metal and plastic gates are popular nowadays, custom garage doors are still preferred. They are durable, elegant, and stylish but very easy to maintain.
  • You can get the best value for your money – One advantage of using custom wood garage kits is that they can fit better in your garage. It’s because manufacturers customize these doors to the size of your garage. With this, you can be confident that they will be installed correctly onto your gate. Therefore, you can always get the best value for your money no matter how much you want to customize your door’s look.

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Steel Garage Doors – More Durable

The steel garage doorway requires very little maintenance because of its durable materials. Besides, they don’t dent or splinter for an extended period. However, since the material is metal, they tend to rust if left exposed to natural elements like sun, rain, and heat.

On the other hand, wooden garage doors need more maintenance as wood is susceptible to rot and must be treated with stain or oil-based paint to prevent weakening and warping.


If you live in extreme weather areas, wooden doors may not be the best choice because the wood will likely expand and contract when it gets too hot or too cold. An alternative to wooden doors would be to use a composite door, which combines both materials’ benefits.

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Another advantage of steel doors over wooden garage doors is their relatively low cost of ownership. While still relatively cheap, wooden garage doors can become quite expensive because of repair and maintenance. On the other hand, a steel door’s maintenance and repair costs are lower than an aluminum one. Moreover, they don’t dent or warp even when left outdoors for long periods.

Of course, if you live in an area experiencing extreme weather, such as extremely hot or cold temperatures, steel doors won’t offer you the protection your other options do. However, they are a more practical solution than wooden garage doors. In addition to being incredibly low in maintenance costs, they also provide more significant energy savings due to their solid construction and lack of gaps or weak spots that increase the risk of losing a lock from constant exposure to moisture.

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*/ Insulation Difference:

Finally, another advantage steel doors have over wooden garage doors is their insulation properties. Wooden doors are insulated in the interior using materials such as drywall and fiberglass between the panels. Thus, people sealed steel doors entirely from the exterior, allowing just the right heat to seep through. You can keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter months.

By contrast, with wood, the insulation is usually much weaker. It often gets dampened by water damage, leading to a gradual loss of energy at a rapid rate in summer & winter. On top of this, wood rot and mold quickly while rusting and denting, respectively.

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Choosing The Right Material

There are many more benefits to choosing steel instead of wooden garage doors for home security. But these three are by far the most important. Of course, these benefits only apply for as long as you keep up your door’s regular maintenance.

Even then, it’s vital to make sure you properly ventilate your home regularly. It would help if you used fans and dehumidifiers to keep the humidity and temperatures down inside your house. You should also check periodically for any signs of termites, which can be very difficult to detect without proper equipment. Lastly, if you see any dents, dings, or scratches on your door, clean it ASAP.

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Final Words

Suppose you’re considering a wooden door but prefer something more durable, like steel, that this isn’t necessarily a step-down. In fact, regarding energy, safety, and insulation, steel garage doors provide more benefits than wooden ones. While it’s true, they might be a little more expensive. The fact remains that they provide a far better balance of services for all homeowners.

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