cucumber plants dying from bottom up

Green is a loving color. Green of plants can help us relax and refresh. It’s great if your house has a garden or grass yard. Do you have a garden? What plants or flowers do you grow? If you love gardening, it’s a feeling of sorrow when the life of your plants is taken away. Today, we talk about one problem of one of the popular plants in the garden. What can you do to cure cucumber plants dying from bottom up?

The cucumber is grown in most vegetable gardens because they can develop easily. They don’t require too many conditions to grow. You just need to give them enough nutrients and water. The soil should be well-drained with abundant fertile. Then your cucumber plants will grow fast, expand their vines, bloom, and produce fruits.

However, they probably are attacked by insects and diseases. Various factors steal the life of plants. One morning, you see cucumber plants dying from bottom up. You must find out the cause and help your plants immediately. Check out all factors and give cucumbers a treatment.

We will list some common causes that kill cucumbers.

Short of Moisture or Water

Under good conditions, cucumber can develop very quickly. They grow each day and you can see the change. Therefore, they need a lot of water. Cucumbers require one to one and one point five inches of water within one week. You can make use of rain to water them. However, it’s necessary to observe and provide water when they need.

As cucumbers lack water, their leaves wilt rapidly, especially under the sunlight. Browning and dying foliage are likely from short of moisture. You should water 6 inches every five to seven days. The soil has to be moist. A layer of mulch will keep the moisture longer. Provide water if 1 inch of the surface soil is dried out.

Please remember that overwatering can result in dehydration. The root system can be ruined due to redundant water. Plants are hard to take oxygen and nutrients if you water too much.

Too much water damages the plant’s roots and affects its intake of oxygen and nutrients. Cucumbers that receive too much water can wilt and die, just like plants that don’t receive enough.

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The drain of soil is an essential factor. Heavy clay soil or soil with little organic matter drains inefficiently. They keep too much water around the roots. This makes plants wilt and lose a life.

When you find the problem of draining soil, you have to solve it. Sprinkle compost or mulch around cucumbers because they create the organic material that amends the soil.

If you want to improve the soil before planting cucumbers, use organic materials. For 6 inches of clay soil, you must sprinkle 3 to 4 inches of compost or rotted manure. For 6 inches of sandy or loam soil, you need to sprinkle 1 to 2 inches of organic material. You also can try to use mounds.


The temperature of the water, soil, and air is also essential. Cucumbers will become weak in air under 50 degrees Fahrenheit and soil under 62 degrees Fahrenheit. You should change the temperature, so plants have the best condition.

Light fabric sheets are useful for covering an entire row of plants. They protect cucumbers by increasing temperature and helping plants to avoid cold weather.

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Plant Diseases

The leaves of cucumber plants can die of diseases. Bacterial wilt, Phytophthora Blight and Fusarium Wilt are three diseases mentioned in this article. Let’s see the cause, syndromes, and prevention.

Bacterial Wilt

bacterial wilt cucumber

An insect named the cucumber beetle brings this disease to cucumber plants. Beetles transfer bacterial while they eat plants. The syndrome is a change of leaf color. In the beginning, leaves become pale green and wilt a little. They can heal at night by themselves. Nevertheless, the edge of the leaves slowly turns yellow and brown. Both vines and leaves wilt; consequently, the plant stops living rapidly after the infection starts.

You must remove and bury infected plants as soon as possible to stop the infection.

Phytophthora Blight

phytophthora blight cucumber
The late blight on the leaf of cucumber.

The fungus is the disease transporter. The warm wet weather with pouring rain is ideal for the disease to develop.

A cucumber plant will have wilt yellow leaves, rotten spots on leaves, vines, and fruit. This disease expands fast and even can destroy all plants in the garden or filed.

As fungicides cannot eliminate Phytophthora blight, you should apply prevention methods. Cut off all infected vines and fruit and bury them. Don’t compost them or leave them near your garden, as spores can spread.

  • Grow cucumbers in a well-draining site
  • Check weeds in the garden
  • Water your cucumbers at the base of the plant not overhead.

Fusarium Wilt

fusarium wilt cucumber
Cucumber plant in a pot with the plant disease cucumber wilt.

A fungus causes Fusarium wilt. You will see leaves become yellow and rotted lesions. A pink fungus can arise on vines.

You cannot rescue affected plants. Fungus even exits in the soil to attack the next crop. You only grow wilt-resistant cultivars on infected land.

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Insect and Pest

Insects will eat leaves and fruits or prickle all parts of the cucumber plant. Some pests which are often dangerous to cucumbers are squash bug, cucumber beetle, aphid, and squash vine borer. They attack the plants by destroying parts directly. Or they shatter plants; the cucumbers die slowly then.

Many insects bring bacterial from other plants to cucumbers. They contain the threat inside.

Insect damage to the vines and stems of cucumber plants may make cucumber plants die from the bottom up.

Watch this video to rescue a wilting cucumber:

Prevention and Cure

It’s very good if you can prevent damages so cucumber plants are protected the best. Prevention is the best protection. You have to focus on sanitation, watering, drain, etc. Always observe to realize bad signs of diseases or insect damage.

Provide efficient moisture, light, nutrients for cucumber plants to grow healthily. There is a tip for watering. You water in the early morning, so leaves will dry out before sunset. This stops wet conditions in which insects and diseases arise.

If you see cucumber plants dying from the bottom up, you should check the watering and drain. See close to finding insect damages or their eggs. Then use a suitable method to solve the issue.

Use chemical pesticides or bio-pesticides to keep insects away from your garden or kill them. You can catch tiny animals by hand. Remove infected plants immediately, so the disease cannot spread.

We hope that you can grow and protect your cucumber plants. Then, enjoy the precious moment you harvest fruits. Please take care of plants and wait for the ripened fruits!



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