How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Having trouble cleaning your wooden floor? I bet you do. Why else would you be here, right? Don’t consider yourself out of the mob as we all have the same issue now and then. You have tried many spin mops that claim to be the best, many detergents and cleaners with high cut-outs from your paycheck, at the end of the day; they are all just a waste of time, effort, and money.

If you are looking for an idea that is worth giving a try, I would recommend you to go for some reliable home combos. They are the best and will not harm your luxurious wooden laminates. Wood is an organic material. It is best if you treat it with something organic or in other words, natural.

So, the guide to clean your wooden floor with the best home remedies will help you take a long sigh of relief and clean that floor easily.

1. Daily Dusting

Bring that Vacuum cleaner to some daily use and wipe the existence of dust from the face of the floor. Too much? Well, even if it is a little too much in words, the suggestion is the best and the first to start with. Dust combines with moisture and starts forming a layer on the floor. That layer provides a new, hard and strong line-up for additional dust. So, vacuum twice a day to keep the floor healthy and long-lasting.

2. Determining The Material

The first thing before using any chemicals, reagents and spin mops is to determine the quality of the floor or laminate. You just can’t use any technique with any floor. The identification is very much necessary or it may ruin the floor entirely.

There are many kinds of wooden floors like the Waxed finished floor, Modern surface floor, prefinished floors, etc… and they all react differently to different chemicals. Some floors may even be damaged if you add the wrong chemical to simply wipe your floor with a mop. The best way is to determine the character and then start the spin and wipe.

3. Home Remedies

The best, oldest and the most preferred home remedy is the use of vinegar and Castile soap. Simply mix vinegar and Castile soap together in warm water. The amount of vinegar should be less and you must not add more than a tablespoon of Castile soap in water. The combination will wipe the floor clean. What’s the logic behind it? Vinegar is a mild acid and soap is a base and a cleaning agent.

When the two are combined with water, the bases loosen up the dirt, the water acts as a cleaning agent and the acid gives a lusty glamor to the floor. So the next time you use that spin mop of yours, remember this option as the best solution for your laminates.

4. Other Remedies

There are other remedies which you can use as well. Borax and detergent are two things that can efficiently clean your wooden floor when combined. Add one tablespoon of borax and one tablespoon dishwashing detergent to warm water and mix it up nicely. Do not use the solution directly on the floor or the floor may get damaged.

You can also use a few drops (about 10) of peppermint essence for a better cleaning. Simply create the solution, put the spin mop in and then clean it up. This is although not a completely natural remedy, but is one of the best cleaning solutions.

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5. The Choice of Mop

You may think that there is not a need to waste time thinking about mops as any mop will serve the purpose. In reality, mop does half the damage or cleaning. The first thing to remember here is to buy a spin mop rather than a regular mop. The spin mop will adjust to the directions and convenience of your working.

Thus, buying the best spin mop will have the most of the benefits and will even last longer than any cheap quality, not to mention that they don’t do the thing correctly.

6. The Finishing Touch

What is the most important thing that you need to do after you have cleaned up? Even after clean-up, you still need the floor to have a distinctive shine. Any ideas how to make that happen? Simple. Add a little alcohol to warm water and wipe the floor with your mop. Then wipe the floor again with plain water to give your floor a lusty, oily look that sparkles in the light.

7. Scuff Marks

Last but not least, the scuff marks. Even after cleaning everything away, the stubborn marks don’t go away. For that, you need to sprinkle some baking soda on the marks. After a while, add a mixture of vinegar, essential oil, and water on top of it and let it fizz. Afterward, all you got to do is to clean it up with your scrubber.

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Cleaning is a significant part of our daily life. The cleaner our habits are, the better our lifestyle is. Many of us read a lot of things, and then experiment constantly brings nothing but damage and demoralization. You must have witnessed a certain number of things. I know I have witnessed, so I have presented this guide for a full cleaning-up experience.

Thank you for reading. I hope you like what you read. Since this was written on the basis of personal experience, comments are welcomed, and suggestions are even more welcomed. Share the article if you think it’s worth it.


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